End of your stay at TUM and in Munich

1. Take your examinations

For specific information regarding examinations, etc., please first check the webpage of your TUM school, which you can find under Information on courses or modules, exams, the study plan at TUM or (online) Learning Agreement and other academic matters at TUM. There you can find contact data as well.

Special arrangements concerning examination dates and procedures at TUM unfortunately cannot be made for exchange students. You must comply with scheduled exam dates and times which usually to take place between February and March (winter semester) and between mid- and end-July and September (summer semester).

2. Exmatriculate, if necessary, or re-register, if you are staying at TUM longer

Exchange students do not have to exmatriculate/deregister. This will automatically be done by TUM at the end of your exchange semester. However, if you require a certificate of exmatriculation/deregistration, e.g. in order to terminate your health insurance in Germany, you have to exmatriculate/deregister on your own

Note that the date of exmatriculation/deregistration must be after your last examination at TUM. Please take this date into account when making a reservation for your return flight, so you have sufficient time to exmatriculate, terminate your health insurance, deregister from the city of Munich and the like.

Re-registration for the next semester

Enrollment for exchange students only applies for one semester. Should you stay longer than one semester, it is therefore important that you re-register before the deadline. However, you can only re-register if in your initial application you applied for more than one semester. If you only applied for one semester but would like to stay for another semester, then please contact the Incoming team of the TUM Global & Alumni Office.

Note: If you forget to re-register in sufficient time, you may be exmatriculated.

3. Obtain your Confirmation of Stay and Transcript of Records

Please note:

  • TUM Global & Alumni Office is not authorized to sign any documents. For any signatures, please contact the responsible International Affairs Delegate.
  • Courses end mid-February / mid-July. Some professors / International Affairs Delegates will be difficult to reach in the time after. Make sure to obtain all needed signatures by contacting them before the lecture period ends and not just before your departure.

Please clarify with your home university if you need a certification of your stay signed by a TUM representative and if so, your home university will provide you the form. 

Certification of your stay
If your home university requires a certification of your stay signed by a TUM representative, please contact the International Affairs Delegate at your school. 

Certification of your arrival / departure
Arrival: This certification will be signed by your TUM school representative after your first academic activity at TUM (e.g. language course, orientation weeks, information meeting). In winter term at earliest October 1, in summer term at eariest April 1. 

Departure: This certification will be signed by your TUM school representative with the date of your final academic activity, e.g. last exam, end of courses, submission of thesis. Not later. (This is not automatically the same date as the end of semester)

You will receive a mark for every examination taken. The mark will be entered in TUMonline by the schools / professors. As soon as everything is complete, you will be able to print out the transcript directly from your TUMonline account. This will still be possible after you have been exmatriculated and you have returned to your home country. 

4. Cancel your German health insurance and other contracts

Make sure to cancel the German health insurance, your lease, the license fee for public broadcasting, as well as any other contracts and close your bank account before your departure. Otherwise, unnecessary costs can occur.

5. Deregister at the residents’ registration office

Before you leave Munich, you have to deregister. Arrange an appointment with your local residents' registration office and be sure to bring the filled-in deregistration form and your ID. 

6. Become part of our alumni network

Career counseling, mentoring offers, and alumni meetings abroad – as a former TUM student, you have access to all services of the TUM Alumni & Career unit. With your TUM ID, you can immediately log in and take advantage of all the benefits of the TUM community.