Accommodation service for exchange students

TUM does not have on-campus accommodation. The Munich Student Union provides the TUM Global & Alumni Office with a limited number of places in student dormitories, which are primarily reserved for participants of the TUMexchange mobility program. For exchange students of other mobility programs (e.g. Erasmus), TUM G&A cannot guarantee the provision of accommodation. However, we will be happy to support you with information on how to search the private housing market.

Service Package of the Munich Student Union for TUMexchange students

Dormitory places for exchange students, the so-called Service Packages of the Munich Student Union are primarily reserved for the participants of the mobility program called TUMexchange and allocated by the TUM Global & Alumni Office. Participants of the TUMexchange mobility program are students from non-European universities, which have a university wide agreement and not just one on a departmental level. General information about the Service Packages can be found on the webpage of the Munich Student Union.

  • Type of accommodation: Usually it is a single room (only for one person) in a larger apartment, where you share a bathroom and/or a kitchen with a number of other students (mixed-gender). We have no double rooms or family apartments at our disposal. Not all buildings have elevators.
  • Furnishings: All dormitory places are furnished with a bed and a mattress, a table, a chair and a cupboard and have a wired Internet connection (no wifi). There are no dishes and no bed linen.
  • Location: TUM G&A gets accommodation in the dormitories of the Student Union in Munich, Garching and Oberschleißheim. Depending on the location, it usually takes up to 45 minutes to get from a dormitory to the main campus or the Garching campus. More specific information about all dormitories can be found on the webpage of the Student Union. Students from Freising, Heilbronn and Straubing must get in touch with their contact persons at these locations regarding accommodation.
  • Monthly rent and refundable deposit: Rents range from 300 to 400 euro per month. This is the cheapest accommodation in Munich. You will have to pay a refundable deposit of up to 500 euro, which will be returned to you 4 months after the expiration of your rental agreement.

    Please note: The Munich Student Union resolved to leave the rent payment policy in the academic year 21/22 the same as in 20/21. Part of the rent (3 monthly rents and the refundable deposit) must be transferred before the start of the rental agreement. The advance transfer of the rent for 6 months and the refundable deposit is planned for the academic year 22/23.


  Winter semester Summer semester
Confirmation email July December
Length of lease one to max. two semesters one semester
Move-in date from October 1 from April 1
Move-out date March 31 (one semester) September 30
  September 30 (two semesters)  

Please note

  • Acceptance of the Service Package has to be unconditional. You accept one of the dormitory places of the Student Union regardless of its location and type of this accommodation. Moreover, you agree with the payment policy. You will see your dormitory accommodation and will find out its type (single room or apartment), only when you move in.
  • Rental agreements are legally binding documents. Contracts with the Munich Student Union cannot be extended or terminated earlier.
  • Subletting is possible during the semester breaks after the consultation with the Munich Student Union, but it is forbidden to sublet a dormitory accommodation for personal enrichment. Violations will lead to immediate termination of the rental agreement.
  • The accommodations are only available during a specific period. Students who arrive prior to the official move-in date have to find their own accommodation for the period before the move-in date.
  • Guests are allowed for short visits. Pets are not allowed.

Reservation & Moving in

Reservation of the dormitory accommodation

  • While filling in the application form for your exchange at the TUM, in the section Further information please inform us about your wish to accept the Service Package offer. Participants of the TUMexchange mobility program also have to do this in order to get one of the Service Packages. You will receive either a confirmation or a rejection from the TUM Global & Alumni Office via email in July for winter semester and in December for summer semester. Until then, you can still change your mind. However, if you reject the dormitory place at this point, the TUM Global & Alumni Office cannot make you any further offer.
  • Those, who got one of the dormitory places, will receive a document called Acceptance of Accommodation letter together with the information about the rent payment from the Munich Student Union also via email approximately six weeks before the official move-in date.
  • You have to sign this document and return it to the Munich Student Union in digital form before the deadline. By sending back the signed Acceptance of Accommodation letter, you commit yourself to renting and paying for the accommodation.
  • Three monthly rents and the refundable deposit must be transferred to the bank account of the Student Union before your arrival to Munich till the mentioned deadline. As soon as the Student Union receives the money, the dormitory accommodation will be reserved for you.
  • Additionally, you will receive important information about the key handover and the general location of the dormitory complex.

Information about the location of the accommodation

  • Please note that you will receive the address of your future accommodation only when you have signed the rental agreement. There is no possibility to send any luggage before your arrival in Munich.

Address for embassy documents

  • In case you need an address in Munich for embassy documents, please note that it will be handed in later. In the meantime, you can submit the confirmation of the reservation or the acceptance form of the Munich Student Union.

Authorization for the key handover

  • If you arrive outside of the house caretaker's opening hours for the key handover, you could ask a friend or a faculty buddy to collect the keys for you. In this case, you need to fill in the template below and hand it to this person. This person has to bring his or her passport (ID card) as well.

Information for exchange students of other programs, e.g. Erasmus

The TUM Global & Alumni Office does not guarantee the provision of accommodation for exchange students from mobility programs such as Erasmus+, departmental partnerships and other programs. However, when applying for your stay, you also have the option of expressing your interest in a place in a hall of residence via the Service Package of the Munich Student Union. In the application form for your exchange in Munich called Application for incoming students there is a section Further information, in which you can express your interest. If there are any dormitory places (Service Packages) left, they can also be offered to participants of other exchange programs such as Erasmus+. These places will be allocated according to an internal procedure.

Please understand that we cannot provide dormitory places for Practical Project Students coming to TUM to work on a research project for a limited period of time, but we can inform you about searching the private market.

Accommodation search tips

Are you coming to TUM for an exchange study through Erasmus+, a departmental partnership or other exchange programs, or as an Practical Project Student and still need to find accommodation for your stay in Munich or Garching? Then this video is for you.

We have compiled some important considerations and addresses for a successful search on the private housing market for you:

  • Start early: Accommodations in Munich are in high demand. We recommend you start two months before the beginning of each semester.
  • In-person meeting with a landlord: Come to Munich to visit rooms. It is impossible to find a room from abroad.
  • Be careful with private offers: Do not transfer any money for a security deposit or a rent before you have visited the apartment, signed the rental agreement, and have got the keys.

Information about liability insurance in Germany

We recommend that you take out liability insurance for your stay in Germany. If, for example, you damage a piece of furniture in your rented apartment or cause an accident as a pedestrian, you must pay for the damage incurred. Liability insurance covers the costs of justified claims and protects you from unjustified claims at the same time.

Where can you take out private liability insurance?

In your home country

  • Are you already insured for liability in your home country? Ask your provider whether the insurance is also valid in Germany.
  • If not: Ask your local insurance company whether you can take out insurance cover for Germany there.

In Germany

  • Some companies offer insurances for short stays, which you can take out online.
  • Potential insurers are e.g. Dr. Walter or Mawista. However, it is entirely up to you whether you take out an insurance policy and which provider you choose.