Study stays at TUM

You want to come to the Technical University of Munich as an exchange student for up to three semesters? On this page, you can find out which exchange program is the best option for you and which services we can offer you once you are in Munich. We look forward to meeting you here!

General information for international exchange students

You may have many questions regarding a stay at TUM. What are the requirements for coming to TUM for an exchange stay? What do I need to do beforehand, after my arrival, and before I leave? We have all the answers for you.

Programs for students of European partner universities

If you are studying in Europe and would like to come to TUM for one to three semesters, you may do so via the programs Erasmus+ and SEMP.

Program for students of worldwide partner universities

If you are studying outside Europe, you have the option to study in Munich or at one of our other four campuses via the TUMexchange program.

Studying abroad via School partnerships

School contracts are also an option for international students to come to TUM. Contact your home university in a first step.

Other international exchange programs

Depending on your home country, there may be further options for exchange programs, such as Global E3, Fulbright, and KOSPIE.

Students with special needs

Information for all exchange students who have a disability, chronic illness, learning impairment, or wish to bring children.

Study virtually at TUM through EuroTeQ

Via the EuroTeQ course catalog, TUM offers online courses for students from DTU, TU/e, L'X, CTU, TalTech, as well as from TUM itself.

Short-term stays via the ATHENS program

The ATHENS program offers stays for one week within the European partner university network. It is possible to apply twice a year.

International degree-seeking students

Students who are not interested in an exchange program, but want to graduate from TUM, please contact General Student Advising.

Going to TUM on Exchange

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