TUM Global & Alumni Office – we connect!

TUM Global and Alumni Office (TUM G&A) connects members of the TUM family across disciplinary, institutional, cultural and generational boundaries with each other and with TUM’s international networks in support of TUM’s Mission Statement. In doing so we contribute to TUM’s ambition to serve as a global hub of knowledge exchange. 

We develop holistic international partnerships and form strategic alliances with leading teaching and research institutions and their communities worldwide. We do so in close collaboration with TUM’s academic, student, and staff community and by cultivating our alumni’s lifelong relationships with our university. This enables us to measure ourselves against the highest international standards and to create world experiences for all TUM members. Learn more

For TUM students, researchers, and staff and in collaboration with our overseas offices, we create international opportunities abroad, on campus and in the digital sphere to expand their academic and professional expertise and complement it in the spirit of cultural sensitivity, global mindedness, and tolerance. Learn more

For international talents, we provide pathways to TUM in appreciation of the manifold ways in which they inspire innovation and enrich TUM with their expertise and cultural background. We actively support their integration into the TUM family. Learn more

For students, doctoral candidates and alumni we offer well-rounded career services and a platform supporting our talents in recognizing their individual potential for professional development and bringing it to fruition. Learn more

For the benefit of the entire TUM community we maintain the life bond with alumni worldwide who inspire, act as motivators, advisors, mentors and friends, share their experiences and keep the exchange between the generations alive. Learn more

Guiding principles

  • Integrity and equal opportunities: Drawing inspiration from an inclusive community of talents, we actively promote equal access to our services and programs for all TUM members independent of their gender, nationality, religion, worldview, physical ability, age or sexual identity.
  • Collegiality and a spirit of partnership: We are guided by a spirit of partnership and respect to all members of the TUM family engaging in international activities and forming life-long networks. 
  • Excellence and entrepreneurial mindset: We are inspired by innovations in international higher education and advance new formats in cooperation for the next generation of our TUM family. In particular, we strive to explore digitalisation as an enabling tool enhancing the efficiency, scope and reach of our activities. At the same time, we acknowledge the worth and irreplaceability of direct interpersonal contact and effective human relationships.
  • Resilience and sustainability: We learn from experience and aim to balance our use of finite communal resources with its expected benefit for the individual and society. In our activities we encourage and incentivize behavior based on this principle.