Maximilian Graf Montgelas Fellowships

The Maximilian Graf Montgelas Fellowships provide employees of the university administration with the opportunity to spend time at strategically important TUM partner institutions around the world. In line with the TUM Agenda 2030, the aim is to further strengthen the internationalization of the TUM administration both in terms of personal competence gain and the further development of an internationally capable science administration. Periodic calls for applications are planned for the future.

Apply now!

The application deadline for the first selection round of the Montgelas Fellowships is November 8, 2021.

Goals of the Montgelas Fellowships

  • Getting to know international good practice through stays at partner institutions that are of strategic importance for TUM respectively the particular work unit 
  • Coordination and optimization of cooperation in joint projects 
  • Establishing and intensifying contacts with colleagues and administrative units at partner institutions 
  • Better understanding and awareness of country-specific differences, e.g. in personnel or financial administrative practice
  • Inspirations for your own personnel development and for new approaches in your personal work environment
  • Inspirations for organizational development, e.g. evaluation of existing and establishment of new processes

How it works

  • Start considering/researching the desired project and partner/target region
  • Talk with supervisor for basic OK and internal planning 
  • Approach partner institutions
  • Prepare work program (with time schedule)
  • Obtain brief statement from supervisor and partners
  • Submit the proposal to TUM G&A

Eligibility requirements

  • Employment relationship with the TUM or the Bavarian School of Public Policy
  • The funding measure must be directly related to the work performed on the job
  • You must comply with the regular procedures for work-related travel at TUM (Travel Authorization prior to the start of the trip, processed Travel Expenses Reimbursement Claim afterwards)


Duration & funding period

The length of your stay – including arrival and return travel – can comprise a minimum of five days and a maximum of six weeks.

The stays funded within the first round must be realized by September 30, 2022 at the latest.

In justified cases – especially due to possible travel restrictions – a postponement beyond the end of the funding period is possible.


Within the framework of the Montgelas Fellowships, your travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Bavarian Travel Expenses Act (see Dienstleistungskompass).

In justified cases, other costs related to the program at the partner institution may also be covered. These include, among others, the participation fees for joint training courses on site.

Partner institutions

Stays can take place at universities, research institutes, as well as companies worldwide, provided they are partners of TUM. Strategic partners & alliances

Depending on the relevance for your field of work, you can also select other partners from the international TUM network.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of a partner institution, we will be happy to advise you.

Possible activities

You can set the content focus of the self-organized stay individually and according to your needs. Please note that the work program of the stay must be coordinated with the superior as well as with the partner before the application is submitted.

Examples of eligible activities:

  • Participation in a model project of the partner institution
  • Joint administration of a cooperation project
  • Initiation of a new cooperation project
  • Exchange of good practice 
  • Exchange of problem solving strategies in the respective field of work
  • Collegial consultation and evaluation in relation to specific areas of work of the partners
  • Job shadowing 

As part of the work program, participation in further training formats of the partner institution (joint training courses, language courses) can be supported, especially in the case of longer stays. However, the above-mentioned program objectives must be the recognizable priority of your stay.

Application for the Montgelas Fellowship

The application has to be done via our online application portal.

Required documents

When applying for the Montgelas Fellowship, you must submit three separate fully completed documents and, if applicable, an additional cost plan. The templates containing more detailed information can be found in the Downloads section.

  • Project description 
  • Confirmation from the host institution, indicating both the time period and approval of the planned work program.
  • Endorsement from the superior, which includes a brief assessment of the quality and benefits of the project from a departmental perspective
  • Cost plan for special expenses that go beyond mere travel and accommodation costs 

After the stay

After the stay, it is planned to have short video interviews with the fellows, which will be published on the program website.

In addition, it is desired that the fellows present newly gained insights in their own field of work and, if applicable, carry them into other relevant areas of the TUM administration.