Studying within the EU via Erasmus+

Would you like to get to know your European neighbors and expand your professional, linguistic and intercultural skills? With the Erasmus+ program, the TUM enables about 1,000 students per year to spend an unforgettable stay abroad in 32 European countries. Take advantage of the benefits of Erasmus+ and gain valuable study experience abroad.

The Erasmus+ program provides financial support and there are no tuition fees at the partner university. The semester abroad will be automatically recorded in your Diploma Suppplement. Academic achievements abroad can be recognized in consultation with your department.

Application for winter term 2023/24 and summer term 2024

Application period: December 1, 2023 to January 15, 2024 (12 noon)

Please apply directly via the online application portal.

The relevant application form will be available there from December 1, 2023. In order to avoid system failure, please use the same logins as for other TUMonline services (Moodle, etc.) for your registration in the portal. If you have received a place for 2023/24 from your department in the backlog procedure, please contact

Detailed information on the application process

If your TUM department has set a different deadline in consultation with the TUM Global & Alumni Office, please submit your application by this deadline.
Please note: At ED Architecture, CIT Informatics, TUM School of Management and LS Landscape Architecture, please submit your application first via their separate application tool. Please check the website of your TUM School or department for further information.

How it works

  • After the announcement of the application period, apply via the Online Application Portal
  • Subsequently, selection and nomination by the departments
  • Then, application at the partner university
  • Before your mobility: Submission of documents for the first grant installment
  • After your mobility: Upload of documents for the second grant installment in the Online Application Portal

Requirements for participation

Students must meet the following requirements in order to apply for the Erasmus+ Student Mobility Program:

  • Enrollment in a TUM degree program
  • Successful completion of the first year of studies
  • Planned stay of a minimum duration of three* months and a maximum duration of twelve months (* for Erasmus stays starting 2022, minimum of 60 days)
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction in the host country.
  • Successful completion of at least 10 ECTS per semester at the partner university as a prerequisite for the Erasmus+ grant

Apply directly via our online application portal during the above application period only. Please use only the English application form via the link mentioned above.

Please note:

  • To log into the Online Application Portal, you will need your TUM ID (ga99xyz).
  • You can only fill in one Erasmus application in which you can choose up to eight desired universities, depending on your department. Please make sure to clarify the maximum number of requests allowed for you in advance via the info website of your School/department or with the Erasmus representative of your School/department. 
  • Please make sure to keep your login data in mind. You will need it again later on.
  • Hand in your application as soon as possible because we cannot exclude technical problems.

The application deadline for the academic year 2024/25 is January 15, 2024 (at 12 noon) for most TUM departments. If your School or department has set a different date in consultation with the Global & Alumni Office, submit your application by this deadline via the online application portal. Please check the deadline for your field of study on the website of your School/department or contact the Erasmus representative(s) of your School/department.

The Departments of Architecture, Informatics, and the TUM School of Management use their own application system for the first application step. Information on this can be found on the respective departmental website.

Application documents to be uploaded in the online application portal:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Language certificates
  • Academic records of previous semester
  • Preliminary study plan* at the host institution

Important: The selection and nomination for an Erasmus exchange place is made by the respective Schools and departments. If you have any questions regarding the documents to be submitted and whether further application documents are required, please contact the Erasmus coordinator of your School/department directly.


*Please find all templates in the Downloads section.

Information about the Erasmus+ grants can be found on the DAAD's website. You will receive the Erasmus grant for a pre-defined funding period, which depends on the duration of your stay and TUM's Erasmus budget. You will receive information on the exact amount of the financial grant and the funding period with the official documents for the Erasmus stay from the Global & Alumni Office.

The Erasmus+ grant will be released after you have submitted the following documents:

Before departure

  • Grant Agreement This document will be made available to students. The signed original form must be submitted to the TUM Global & Alumni Office.
  • Online Learning Agreement (OLA) The fully signed OLA  must be uploaded in the online portal in the form "Erasmus Learning Agreement - before mobility". The link to the online portal can be found in the Erasmus Moodle course.
  • OLS language test Invitations to complete the language test will be sent automatically via Mail by the OLS system. In addition, the EU offers free tutor-led online language courses via the OLS platform.

During your stay abroad

  • Online Learning Agreement (OLA) If you would like to make changes to your OLA please complete them in the OLA and upload it to the online portal in the form "Erasmus Learning Agreement - during mobility" no later than 5 weeks after the start of your semester at the partner university.  
  • Confirmation of Stay You must have it signed by your supervisor at the host university before your departure.

After your stay

  • Confirmation of Stay 
  • Transcript of Records (if possible, including your ECTS Credits) 
  • Course Alignment
  • Experience Report
  • EU Survey for the European Commission. Students will automatically receive their login details from the EU database.

All documents have to be uploaded in the online portal via the form After Mobility Documents (Erasmus Study / Double Degree). You can only submit the complete filled form. Please make sure to use the same login data as in your application. Do not register with another e-mail account. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one there.

As soon as all of the above documents have been submitted and checked, the scholarship will be paid out in full and your stay will be entered in the diploma supplement of your diploma. These data are entered in the TUMonline database four times a year: in March, June, September, and December.

For detailed information about the above-mentioned documents and the Erasmus+ Program, please visit the Moodle course, to which all confirmed participants will have access in time before the start of the stay abroad. 


  • Special needs grant "Top up" for students with fewer opportunities: 250 € per month additionally to the grant amount, for the funded duration of stay. You can apply for the top up upon submitting the Grant Agreement. According to the criteria defined by DAAD, the following students are eligible to receive the top up:
    • working students
    • students whose parents do not have any academic background
    • students who go abroad with their child(ren)
    • students who have a chronic disease which causes additional cost abroad
    • students who have a physical or psychological impairment 
  • Special needs grant based on real cost: for students with disability (degree of disability (GdB) of 20 or more), with chronic disease, and students who go abroad with their child(ren). To apply, please contact at least three months before the start of your mobility. Please find details in the criteria defined by DAAD.
  • Opportunity to participate in a training course on intercultural communication, offered by the Language Center.
  • Support for subletting accommodation from TUM students to international exchange students coming to Munich.
  • Erasmus+ Green Travel Grant: Environmentally friendly travel with sustainable, low-emission means of transport is supported in the Erasmus+ program in the form of a green travel grant. The green travel grant includes a one-time payment of 50 €. If applicable, a maximum of four additional travel days will be taken into account for calculating your funded duration of stay. Furthermore, students with a degree of disability of 20 or more, with chronic disease and students with a child are eligible for reimbursement of 80% of the real cost of sustainable travel. For more information on the funding opportunities for "green travel", please visit the website of DAAD.

Erasmus delegates of the TUM departments

The info website of your TUM School/department or the Erasmus delegates of the TUM Schools/departments will inform you about:

  • application modalities (application documents, accepted language certificates, selection criteria etc.)
  • suitable time for your stay abroad during your studies
  • partner universities
  • recognition of courses (credits)

TUM Global & Alumni Office

 The Erasmus office of the TUM Global & Alumni office answers your questions regarding the Erasmus+ Student Mobility incl. Erasmus+ grant:

  • required documents for the Erasmus grant and deadlines for submission
  • prolongation / shortening of your stay
  • language and intercultural preparation
  • funding for students with special needs (children, disablitiy, chronic desease)

Partner universities

Please inform yourself in our MoveON database about our more than 300 Erasmus+ partner universities.

Experience Reports

You would like to get information about study abroad of students of TUM and their experiences? Read the reports of fellow students.

Erasmus+ Award

If you travel to the partner university in an environmentally friendly way, you can receive an additional lump sum of up to 500 euros.