Study within the EuroTeQ network

Through a joint course catalogue, students of the EuroTeQ partners have the opportunity to attend courses at the partner universities. TUM students can take courses at DTU, TU/e, L'X, Technion, TalTech and CTU.

How it works

  • Get comprehensive information about the courses and their respective requirements in the course catalogue 
  • Apply via the online application portal (one application per course)
  • Preselection at TUM
  • Nomination for the chosen course at the partner university through TUM
  • Selection and further information by the partner university
  • Participation in the course
  • After completion of the course, receipt of a certificate of achievement from the partner university. If applicable, you will also receive an entry in the Diploma Supplement

Requirements for participation

To apply for the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue, the following requirements must be met:

  • Enrollment at TUM
  • Fulfillment of the respective participation requirements, see course descriptions
  • Sufficient knowledge of the teaching language

Criteria for preselection at TUM

The preselection process is carried out via the TUM Global & Alumni Office. Eligibility criteria are based on:

  • Academic progress (BA courses for BA students, MA courses for MA students)
  • Grade point average
  • Language proficiency in the teaching language

Application process

1. Course selection

  • On the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue website you will find a list of all courses offered.
  • Check the course description for participation requirements and the application date for each course. Some courses require subject-specific knowledge, other courses are only accessible to students of higher semesters.
  • Select a maximum of three courses.
  • The course language is English.

2. Online application

After the application period is announced on this website, you can apply online for a course in the EuroTeQ Engineering University network. The maximum for each semester is three courses. You must fill out a separate application form completely for each course you choose.

Use your TUM e-mail address containing your first and last name to register in the online applicant portal ( Do not use the e-mail address with your TUM identifier (e.g. ga99xyz). Register only once with a single e-mail address. If you are already registered in MoveON, you can use this log-in data.

The following documents must be uploaded as part of the application form:

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Language certificates 
  • Academic transcripts from the last two semesters

3. Placement allocation by the coordinators at the partner universities

After the application deadline, we will forward your data to the coordinators of the respective partner university. You will receive further information on the implementation of your mobility from the partner university.

Acceptances and rejections will be announced by the coordinators of the partners. The time of acceptance or rejection depends on the respective coordinators and the semester dates. You will receive further information on the implementation of your mobility from the partner university.

Please note

  • TUM students are considered outgoing students in the context of the joint EuroTeQ course offering and therefore please proceed as described above.
  • Your application is binding! Therefore, only apply if you are sure that you can participate in the selected course. Clarify in advance whether participation in the virtual course fits into the curriculum of your degree program regarding your time schedule.

FAQ on how to participate in EuroTeQ courses

About the program

The details of the courses can be found in the EuroTeQ course catalogue.

The course offerings of our partner universities are updated for each semester. Therefore, please always check our course catalogue for the current status.

If you have found a course you are interested in the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue, first register with TUM via our online application portal. Please choose the form "EuroTeQ Learning Experience – Outgoing Form 2023/24". If you are interested in more than one course, you will need to fill out a separate form for each course.

After the deadline your information will be forwarded to the university offering the course you are interested in. Once the host university has completed registration for students from all partner universities, they will notify you of the next steps for final enrollment.

Yes, because for some courses there is also only a certain number of places available for EuroTeQ students. You can register for (and take) a maximum of three courses per student. In any case, please consider how much time you need for your main studies before registering for more than one EuroTeQ course.

Courses may take place in a variety of formats, which are then indicated in the respective course description. 

Information explaining the formats: 

  • Online: Course and exam are held entirely online for all participants.
  • Hybrid: The course is delivered in face-to-face for on-site participants, as well as online for our EuroTeQ participants.
  • Blended: It is necessary to travel to the host university to participate in a part of the course for a certain period of time (e.g. practical training, lab-work).

Currently, only one Blended Intensive Program (Green Deal Collider) offers the possibility of reimbursement for flights and accommodation. Please don't hesitate to contact us to check the options for other courses.

Before course starts

English proficiency requirements are listed in the course catalogue. An English certificate must be submitted with the application to the home university.

Yes, you can still apply. However, if the course ends up being oversubscribed, we will give priority to nominating students who better meet the criteria.

  • Bachelor: We do not advise first-year students to apply for the EuroTeQ program, as their studies at TUM should be the main focus.
  • Master: You can apply and submit your transcript of records from the Bachelor's program.

Should you wish to change your application, please get in touch with us.

The deadline for registration for EuroTeQ courses in 2024 is November 24, 2023. We advise you not to wait until the last moment. Please submit your application form as early as possible.

For information on dates and deadlines, course schedule, and estimated study times for each course, please see EuroTeQ course catalogue.

Please note that due to the different lecture times of the partner universities it is not always possible to publish the schedules of all partner universities well in advance. Once all schedules are available, you will be informed by the respective host university as soon as possible so that you can coordinate your study plan. Overview of the structure of the academic year 2023/24 of the EuroTeQ partner universities

Please note that at some universities, such as TUM and L'X, the teaching academic staff makes the final decision on whether to accept or reject EuroTeQ students. In some cases, it is checked whether the students meet all the requirements for successful completion of the course. If there are any further questions regarding your enrollment, you will be informed by the institutions concerned.

After the course has started

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to continue with your chosen course for various reasons, such as scheduling conflicts, lack of time, or different expectations. If you need to withdraw from a course for any reason, please inform the home university, the host university, and the lecturer and also provide a reason for the withdrawal. This will allow us to more effectively manage any further developments.

Especially faculty offering hybrid courses often invest extra effort, time, and resources to make the experience as attractive as possible for EuroTeQ students, since they are attending from abroad. Please keep in mind that withdrawing from a course on short notice has no consequences. However, it does affect the flow of the course for the rest of the group and the lecturer. Therefore, we are very grateful for as early a notification as possible.

Yes, you usually have to take an exam. Especially if you want to receive credits. The type of exam can vary. It can be a written exam, a term paper, or a project work. You can find this information in the EuroTeQ course catalogue under each course description. 

Credit transfer depends on local regulations. The EuroTeQ partners strive to ensure mutual recognition of credits in the long term. In this initial phase, however, recognition is still tied to the respective regulations of the home university.

If you have successfully passed a EuroTeQ course, you may be able to have it recognized. In this case, please contact the examination office of your faculty/school. They will decide whether and how the course can be recognized.


Virtual courses at one of the EuroTeQ partner universities that you have successfully passed can be entered in the Diploma Supplement.

To do so, please submit a Confirmation of Participation to the e-mail This must be signed by the partner university and include the exact start and end dates of the course. Template of Confirmation of Stay.

The course will be published in the Diploma Supplement in the field "6.1 Additional Information". The entry contains the following information:

    Participation in an online couse of the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue (virtual mobility*).
    DD-MM-YYYY - DD-MM-YYYY: "institution/university attended" in "country".

    *In a virtual mobility, the student participates remotely in online activities without traveling to the location of the host institution.

Data is entered into TUMonline four times a year: in March, June, September and December based on the previous month's data.

Please apply for the entry of your course in the Diploma Supplement as soon as possible after you have received a degree certificate in order to avoid possible delays in the issuance of your degree documents after your graduation, considering the dates for the entry. Once entered, you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep this in a safe place.