Events of the TUM Global & Alumni Office

The TUM Global & Alumni Office organizes numerous events to foster internal exchange between students and staff of TUM and to create opportunities for networking with international partners.

TUM Global Dialogue Series

With the TUM Global Dialogue Series, you have the opportunity to participate in the dialogue between TUM researchers and global partners.

TUM Community Events

For the entire TUM community, we offer Career Workshops, Alumni Expert Talks, Mentoring Get Together and much more. Come and join us!

Cultural Program

The Cultural Program gives international researchers the opportunity to get to know the country and its people and to network within the TUM family.

TUM International Day

On TUM International Day we celebrate the beauty of diversity with our international students and inform participants about options to study abroad.

TUM Global Week

The TUM Global Week takes place once a year. Find out about the activities of the TUM Global Network and how you can benefit from it.