Further education and training in Europe with Erasmus+ and EuroTeQ

The TUM Global & Alumni Office gives TUM employees the opportunity to pursue continuing education and training in other European countries. Erasmus+ offers programs in 32 countries – at universities, companies and other private institutions. Our partners in the EuroTeQ network have a special status in this regard.

Are you interested in spending some time abroad to strengthen your skills and gain new perspectives by sharing professional experiences in another country? Erasmus+ provides opportunities for you to continue your education or training at a university or company of your choice throughout Europe. You will receive a predetermined travel allowance to cover some of your travel expenses.

How it works

  • Obtain general approval from your superior
  • Contact the organization of your choice
  • Obtain written nomination from your superior (with Travel Authorization & Mobility Agreement)
  • Register on the TUM Employee Portal
  • Submit your documents to the TUM G&A Office (templates available in the Downloads section)


Eligibility requirements for continuing education and training with Erasmus+

  • Employment relationship with the TUM or the Bavarian School of Public Policy
  • The funding measure must be directly related to the work performed on the job
  • You must comply with the regular procedures for work-related travel at TUM (Travel Authorization prior to the start of the trip, processed Travel Expenses Reimbursement Claim already procesed afterward your trip)
  • Mobility Agreement (content and goal of your trip, connection to the goals of the Erasmus+ program)

Self-organized education

Important: Grants are not available for research visits abroad. It is possible to conduct research in combination with a teaching assignment abroad as part of.

  • Duration of stay from at least two days to no more than 60 days
  • The funding consists of allowances for accommodation and travel expenses (according to EU regulations)
  • Grant funds can only be paid once all required documents have been submitted, and could be cancelled if these are not provided.
  • 70% of your total allowance is paid prior to the trip, 30% afterwards
  • It is possible to finance your expenses in other ways (e.g. your own department). It is not possible to combine Erasmus+ grants with funds from other EU programs (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci).
  • Grants are approved provided sufficient funding is available

Allowances for accommodations

  • Financing based on duration of stay (according to your processed Travel Expenses Reimbursement Claim)
  • Daily rate staggered according to the country of destination, EUR 140, EUR 160 or EUR 180
  • Daily rate will be reduced to 70% between the 15th and 60th day of the mobility

Subsidies for severely disabled employees

  • Additional funds possible above 20% level of disability – additional retroactive funding is not possible
  • Application to the National Agency of the DAAD through the TUM G&A. Documents must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of the program (application available in the Downloads section)

Allowances for travel expenses

  • Between EUR 180 and EUR 360 depending on the distance to the destination country

The TUM Global & Alumni Office is happy to assist you with any questions you have about continuing education opportunities with Erasmus+. The checklist provides details about the program sequence and all documents. The application process is essentially as follows:

1. Obtain general approval from your superior

Find out whether there is general support for continuing education or training.

2. Contact the university/company of your choice

  • Create your personal work program (Mobility Agreement, see Downloads section) together with your superior and your partner organization.
  • If necessary, contact your responsible Erasmus representative to learn more about possible partner universities.

3. Obtain written nomination from your superior

Have your superior sign the Mobility Agreement and get your Travel Authorization.

Ensure that the Mobility Agreement is complete

The Mobility Agreement normally needs to be signed by four parties:

4. Register on the TUM Portal

You will register for your Erasmus+ continuing education program using our online portal for staff and researchers. Once you have submitted your information, you will receive your online application form in PDF format.

Important notes on registering on the TUM Portal

  • Only use your TUM e-mail address to register on the TUM Portal
  • Please remember your password so that you can keep tabs on your stay abroad on the TUM Portal
  • Always use the same TUM e-mail address for all follow-up requirements or any other travel
  • Register on the TUM Portal by using the Registration - Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (STA/STT) - OUTGOING online form
  • In the Planned Stay Abroad menu, be sure to select Framework and then Erasmus+ STT within Europe
  • The Mobility Agreement must be uploaded on registration
  • The Travel Authorization must be handed in before your departure, but uploading it is not mandatory at this point in time - you can also send it as a scan to TUM G&A after your application

5. Submit your documents to the TUM Global & Alumni Office

Once you have registered on the TUM Portal, you need to e-mail the following documents to the Program Manager for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility at the TUM G&A not later than 6 weeks before departure:

  • Online application
  • Mobility Agreement completed and signed
  •  Authorization to travel, signed and stamped by the department for travel expenses

Please note that your application will not be processed until these documents have been received.

6. Confirmation of your Erasmus+ grant

If your application is successful, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the TUM G&A. This confirmation e-mail includes the Grant Agreement, a detailed checklist and the other required forms. The Grant Agreement provides all of the information on the amount of your grant and its terms.

Important: You need to print out two copies of the Grant Agreement, sign the original, and send it to Erasmus+ Staff Mobility at the TUM G&A before your trip.

Payment of first installment
Once the Grant Agreement and Travel Authorization have been received, you will be paid 70% of your personal grant amount.

It is necessary to submit the following documents to ensure that the second installment of your grant is paid. You will be required to repay any funds already received if any documents are missing.

Confirmation from host organization

  • Confirmation of Stay Have the responsible party at the host organization stamp and sign this document to confirm the end of your stay.

After your stay

  • Processed Travel Expenses Reimbursement Claim Ask your corresponding travel expenses office to process your original documents for your travel and accommodation costs along with your Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim. Be sure to submit your claim no later than 6 months after your mobility, otherwise the travel expenses office will not accept it for processing. Once you have received your processed Travel Expenses Reimbursement Claim, be sure to submit it to the TUM G&A Office.
  • EU Survey for the European Commission. You will automatically receive an e-mail containing your login details from an EU database. Once you receive this e-mail notification, you have 30 days to complete the EU survey.
  • Upload to online portal for staff and researchers (form After mobility documents for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (teaching/training) – OUTGOING):
    • Confirmation of Stay
    • Travel Report
    • Travel Authorization It is mandatory to submit this document at this time.

Important: You may only submit the online form once it is filled out completely. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one at this point.

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Further training with a EuroTeQ partner

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