Guideline for the TUM PREP project database

For summer 2024 a variety of more than 60 interesting research projects will be available at TUM on our campuses Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan within the framework of the TUM Practical Research Experience Program (TUM PREP). To make your navigation in the TUM PREP Project Database as easy as possible, we have put together a few tips for you on this page.

The database overview page TUM PREP Projects is divided into two columns - Project overview and Project details.

Project overview

In the main section of the page, you will find a list of all TUM PREP projects which provides you the most relevant information at a glance, e.g.

  • TUM Schools
  • Study area
  • Project name
  • Student background
  • Further disciplines
  • Project code

In the left part of the page, you will find all research projects sorted by Schools and departments. A unique keyword offers a first hint to the project. As soon as you click on the link, the detailed project description opens.

Explanation of School abbreviations:

  • CIT - Computation, Information and Technology
  • ED - Engineering and Design
  • LS - Life Sciences
  • MGT - Management
  • MH - Medicine and Health
  • NAT - Natural Sciences
  • SOT - Social Sciences and Technology

Note: There are departments listed with bullet points. These departments have not submitted a research project for the next TUM PREP session. 

What do the different categories mean?

  • Student background & further disciplines

These are the academic fields the respective project supervisors preferably will choose participating students from.

  • Project code & "unique keyword"

This code, e.g. "CIT 06 - unique keyword" indicates the topic of the research project. You may apply for a maximum of three projects. 


Search function

To find the right projects for your profile, you can easily use the search field on top of the project overviews. There are three different filter options:

  • Search for TUM Schools / TUM Campus

For projects at a specific School or study area, type the name of the School or of the study area, e.g. Mechanical Engineering or TUM School of Management into the search field. An overview of all TUM Schools can be found on the TUM website.

  • Keyword search

Enter a keyword for a research field of interest to you, e.g. biochemistry or robot.

  • Search for Project Codes & "unique keyword"

If you do not browse the TUM PREP projects for the first time and you already know the project codes of your favorite research projects, you can also search for them directly, e.g. "CIT 01" and/or "unique keyword".

Project details

After having found an interesting project by screening the project overviews, you may click on the link in the study area of the respective Project Code - "unique keyword" (e.g. "CIT 01 - unique keyword") to view a detailed project description and further project details.

To go back from the project details view of one single project to the project overviews of all projects, you can either click TUM PREP Projects on the top of the left menu or click the back-button of your respective internet browser.


Technical advice

  • To guarantee an error-free use of this database, we recommend to use the latest versions of the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
  • We discourage from using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • We recommend to allow pop-up windows in your internet browser before using this database.
  • We recommend to activate the latest PDF-Browser-Add-Ons of your respective internet browser to display PDF documents.