Study at TUM with Erasmus+ or the Swiss-European Mobility Program

The EU-funded program Erasmus+ and the Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP) enable students of European partner universities to study at TUM for up to three semesters. Applications are accepted twice a year. (See boxes below)

How it works

  • Express interest in going to TUM at your home university, which must have a partnership agreement with TUM.
  • The universities select candidates and e-nominate them for the Erasmus+ or SEMP program. Following partner universities receive an acknowledge e-mail as soon as TUM can accept the nomination.
    This e-nomination has to be done by the home university for every student. Information and links about how to e-nominate as well as further instructions regarding the application process at TUM will be sent to all partner universities in March for the winter term and in September for the summer term.
  • If you are nominated and received all information from TUM via e-mail regarding the application process, you can apply directly at TUM within our application deadlines.
  • The representatives of your TUM department or school will verify your application documents and decide on acceptance.
  • In the final step, you will receive your acceptance letter from the TUM Global & Alumni Office.
    The time frame for the nofication depends on which semester you will spend / start at TUM: in December for the summer term, in July for the winter term.

Prerequisites for Erasmus+ and SEMP

  • Your home university must have a partnership agreement with us.
  • Your home university must nominate you for a place in the Erasmus+ or SEMP program.
  • You must remain enrolled at your home university.

Application procedure for Erasmus+ and SEMP

Please contact the International Center at your home university to find out about the status of your nomination as well as the application process at your institution.

At TUM, the departments or schools are responsible for academic issues. In addition, some topics also depend on the department / school at which you will be studying. So if you are looking for information on the questions listed below, please refer to your respective department or school:

  • Do I need to search for courses or modules? How can I find courses offered in English?
  • Which courses or modules can I study at TUM in order to enter them in my study program for my application?
  • When will my (online) Learning Agreement (for Erasmus+) / study plan be signed? Whom do I need to enter as "responsible person"? Who will sign it?
  • How to understand the 60:40 rule of the TUM courses / modules?
  • Can I write a thesis in the TUM department / school?
  • Once I have been accepted, how and when can I register for courses / modules at TUM? 
  • Who signs my Confirmation of Stay (for Erasmus+) or other documents?
  • How do I receive my transcript at the end of the semester?

Incoming websites of all TUM departments and schools at a glance

Once you are nominated for Erasmus+ or SEMP by your home university and received all information from TUM via e-mail regarding the application process, you must apply to TUM during one of the application periods. The process is as follows:

  • Register on the online application portal first. (portal will be activated for winter term 22-23 from mid of March 2022)
    Please note: Our online application is optimized for Firefox 5 or higher as well as for Google Chrome. Make sure to use only one of these browsers!
  • Fill in the form Application for incoming students completely and upload all necessary documents.
    Please note: Your TUM admission letter as well as all information e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address you use in the online form. Therefore, please make sure to check your inbox and spam folder on a regular basis, so you do not miss any deadlines or other important information.

Required documents

Please fill in all required forms in the language in which you intend to study at TUM. We accept all documents written in German or English. If necessary, please translate them and have the translated versions certified and stamped by your home university.

The following documents must be uploaded to the online application portal:


  • One page, tabular, German or English

Motivation letter

  • German or English, maximum two pages
  • Describe your academic and personal goals

Language certificates

All TUM departments will request a certificate verifying your current German and/or English skills:

  • If you are planning to attend courses at TUM in English: Verification of your English skills
  • If you are planning to attend courses at TUM in German: Verification of your German skills
  • If you are planning to attend courses at TUM  in German and English: Verification of your German and English skills

In most cases, the required level is at least B1. Exceptions: TUM School of Management, TUM School of Education, and the Center of Life and Sciences in Weihenstephan, where a level of at least B2 is required.

  • The certificate can be issued by your home university or by a language school. Self-assessment tests without signature of the home university cannot be accepted.

Transcript of records

  • An itemized academic performance to date is required. If you are a master's student, please also include your transcript from the bachelor's degree.

Overview of current courses at home university

  • You need to submit a document listing the courses you are enrolled in during the current semester, which are not listed on your transcript (please use the template under Downloads)

Study plan at TUM

  • A preliminary list of courses or modules you want to attend at TUM, German or English, typed

For specific information regarding courses or modules, examinations, etc., please first check the webpage of your TUM Department or School, which you can find under Information on courses or modules, exams, the study plan at TUM or (online) Learning Agreement and other academic matters at TUM.

While preparing for your stay at TUM and before taking a look at the academic offer of TUM in general, first check the website of your TUM Department or School regarding the possible offers in that specific Department / School (e.g. if you can choose courses or modules) and where to find them. 


Please note:

  • At least 60% of the courses or modules you register for must be offered by the TUM Department / School you will be enrolled in at TUM.
  • It is a preliminary list. Later changes (also after arrival) are possible and even likely.
  • This document does not to need to be signed by students / home university / TUM at the time of your application at TUM.
  • As study plan TUM accepts any kind of document.

Additional information if using the Online Learning Agreement (OLA):

  • Check with your home university if OLA is necessary for you.
  • OLA via the Dashboard cannnot be used for your applicationt as TUM will not proceed with it during the application process.
  • Signatures of TUM on the OLA are at earliest given after your acceptance at TUM (from July for winter term / from December for summer term), depending on the TUM Department / School even later.
  • In charge of the OLA (only after your acceptance at TUM) is the TUM Department / School, not the TUM G&A Office. Thus, do not enter the names of the TUM G&A staff on the OLA. Instead contact  your TUM Department / School  to find the correct data to be entered as "responsible person" (link see above).

Photocopy of passport / ID

  • If available / depending on your citzenship status



  • Within the application form, in the 'Further information' area, you will find a section about accommodation, where you can tell us whether you are interested in the service package offered by the Munich Student Union.


Submit your application

Once you have uploaded and submitted all documents, you will receive your online application form in PDF format. Submit this application following the instructions on the portal.

Please note: Only complete applications, which include all required documents can be processed and forwarded to the Admissions and Enrollment Office by the specified deadline.
If any documents are missing, we will notify you by mail, but will suspend the processing of your application during the application period until all documents have been submitted. Late submissions cannot be processed.

Thesis / Research projects through Erasmus+/SEMP

If you can write a thesis at TUM within the framework of both programs is depending on the TUM department or school Please see under Information on courses, exams, Learning Agreement/Study Program and other academic matters on the page of the relevant TUM department or school.

It is not possible to finish your thesis with external companies or institutions if you wish to be enrolled at TUM.

Accommodation search tips for Erasmus exchange students at TUM

Are you a future Erasmus+ exchange student or research intern at TUM and still need to find an accommodation for your stay in Munich or Garching? Then this video is for you.