End of your stay at TUM and in Munich

1. Exmatriculate, if necessary, or re-register, if you are staying at TUM longer

Students do not have to exmatriculate at the end of their stay. This will be done automatically by TUM at the end of the semester for which you have applied. Please remember to cancel your health insurance, deregister with the city of Munich, etc. before returning home.

Your enrollment is only valid for one semester. Therefore, if you stay at TUM for more than one semester, you must re-register in time for the next semester. However, you can only do this if you registered for more than one semester when you first applied. If you have only applied for one semester but would like to stay for another semester, please contact the Student Mobility Incoming team of the TUM Global & Alumni Office.

Please note: If you forget to re-register in time, you might face exmatriculation.

2. Cancel your German health insurance and other contracts

Make sure to cancel the German health insurance, your lease, the license fee for public broadcasting, as well as any other contracts and close your bank account before your departure. Otherwise, unnecessary costs can occur.

3. Deregister at the residents’ registration office

Before you leave Munich, you have to deregister. Arrange an appointment with your local residents' registration office and be sure to bring the filled-in deregistration form and your ID. 

4. Become part of our alumni network

Career counseling, mentoring offers, and alumni meetings abroad – as a former TUM student, you have access to all services of the TUM Alumni & Career unit. With your TUM ID, you can immediately log in and take advantage of all the benefits of the TUM community.