Practical Project Students – Arrival and stay at TUM

1. Get your TUM Student Card

Each student enrolled at TUM is eligible to receive a Student Card. This card is your student ID at TUM and enables you the access to the university library. Additionally, it's payment function allows you to pay for lunch, snacks and beverages in the canteen, in the caféterias and at vending machines if you load money on your card.

After you are fully enrolled at TUM, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail by TUMonline confirming your official enrollment. 

Afterwards, the TUM Global & Alumni Office will inform you by e-mail about the place and time to pick up your TUM Student Card.

However, even before receiving your Student Card, you can already print out several study documents via your TUMonline account, e.g. your confirmation of enrollment.

Further information on the TUM Student Card

2. Register with the residents’ registration office

All residents of Germany are required to register their addresses within 14 days (as soon as a place of residence has been found). Any person moving within Munich or moving away from Munich must change their address or de-register. Please remember to notify all important authorities (TUM, health insurance, etc.) of your new address. 

Documents needed for registration

  • ID or passport
  • Registration form (available free of charge from the registration authority; available for download)
  • Confirmation from your landlord, "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung": You will receive this document when you move in to the accommodation.

Responsible registration office

Ruppertstr. 19, 80337 Munich
Tel.: 089 – 233 – 1

Website of the Munich citizens' offices 

Freising town hall (Citizens' office)
Marienplatz 1, 85354 Freising
Tel.: 08161 – 544 33 21

Municipal administration Garching 
Rathausplatz 3, 85748 Garching
Tel.: 089 – 32 08 90

If you do not live in the city of Munich, Garching, or Freising, but in one of the neighboring communities, the residents’ registration office is located in the town hall of the community. You can find the addresses of the town halls in the internet under Gemeindeverwaltung (community administration). The town halls have different opening hours. According to the Bavarian Registration Law, the confirmation of registration must be presented to the landlord. 

Please note: You will also have to deregister when you leave Munich.

3. Apply for a residence permit (if applicable)

see Entry requirements

If you have entered Germany with a visa, you may need to apply for a residence permit as decribed here. If TUM arranged the BAMF confirmation for you, you do not need to apply for a residence permit. 

must apply for a residence permit by three months after entry at the latest

see Entry requirements – Overview of visa requirements / exemptions must apply for a visa at the German Embassy in their home country and, when in Germany, apply for a residence permit for the valid period of the visa. Exception: If the visa was issued for the entire duration of the stay abroad, it is not necessary to apply for a residence permit.

Documents needed for application

Fees: Issue of a residence permit € 100 , extension € 96

Responsible authority

Ruppertstr. 19, 80337 Munich
Tel.: 089 – 233 251 34

Website of the Munich Foreigner's Office

Please note:
Appointments need to be arranged online , which can be done 120 days in advance. The site is only available in German at the moment.

Please proceed as follows: Choose number of persons applying for the residence permit. Click 'Weiter'. Choose date and time. Enter personal data. Click 'Reservierung abschließen'.

District administration Freising
Landshuter Str. 31, 85356 Freising
Tel.: 08161 – 60 00

Website of the district administration Freising

District administration Munich
Mariahilfplatz 17, 81541 Munich
Tel.: 089 – 62 210

Website of the district administration Munich

If you do not live in the city of Munich, Garching, or Freising, but in one of the neighboring communities, the responsible authority can be found in the town hall or district administration.

Important: Please report to the Foreigners Office at least a month before your visa expires, even if some documents are missing. You will then receive a temporary certificate as proof that you have applied for the residence permit. Please only bring along original documents and make a copy for yourself. Any person who needs an extension must apply for it at least a month before expiration of the residence permit. 

4. Open a bank account

As in Germany you can only pay your rent (utilities, etc.) via money transfer, international students are advised to open a bank account (check account) as soon as possible after their arrival. Account management is free of charge, if you are able to identify yourself as a student. As at the time of account opening you may not have a student identification yet, you should explain this to the bank and submit your TUM Student Card at a later date.

Documents needed for opening a bank account

  • Passport
  • Registration certificate issued by the residents‘ registration office
  • Student ID or enrollment certificate 
  • Tax ID

Immediately after opening an account you will be given the number for an account where you can deposit or withdraw money. Usually, you will receive the EC card for your account a few days later.

Since 2018, it is obligatory in Germany to show a tax ID when opening a bank account.

  • When coming to Germany, please bring with you your own tax-ID from your home country.
  • Where to find it? Visit the OECD portal or ask your home university / family.

You can also get a German tax ID:

  1. Find an accommodation in the city / environment of Munich.
  2. Register at your local resident registration office.
  3. Around six to eight weeks later you will receive it via post.

Please note: Landlords and most institutions, such as the University Sports Center, will need your bank data immediately, so you typically cannot wait six to eight weeks for the tax ID. To avoid inconvenience, bring your tax ID from your home country when opening a bank account.

The major banks in Germany are: Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, (Stadt-)Sparkasse, Volksbank, Raiffeisenbank, Hypovereinsbank, Spardabank, Postbank. As long as you only wish to open an account, their terms and conditions do not vary significantly.

As a student, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Free account management
  • Free cash withdrawals from cash machines of the respective banks
  • Free domestic payment transfers,
  • Internet banking
  • EC card in order to pay cashless and to withdraw money.

If you want to open a bank account before you arrive in Germany, you can of course sign up for an account through an online bank, e.g. N26, Comdirect, DKB, Revolut etc. 

5. Determine if Confirmation of Stay is required

If you need a Confirmation of Stay, please contact your supervisor directly.

6. Public transportation: subscribe to the reduced "Deutschlandticket", if needed

As of winter semester 2023/24, enrolled students in Bavaria can purchase a reduced "Deutschlandticket" by subscription of € 29.00 per month which includes all local and long-distance public transportation within Germany. This must be ordered in the subscription no later than the 25th of the month for the following month and is automatically renewed for the following month. Notice of termination must be given no later than the 10th of the month for cancellation for the following month.



Downloads and Safety information

Safety information for your stay (PDF, 315 KB)