TUM Mumbai – the liaison office for India

The prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology have been TUM's close partners in India since 2001. Since 2014, TUM Mumbai has been serving as an interface between TUM and India with its diverse opportunities in terms of research, education and innovation. The office establishes contacts with Indian stakeholders, supports Indo-German projects and initiatives, and regularly places TUM faculty members at international research events.

News and Insights from the TUM Mumbai liaison office

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TUM Mumbai Insights: The impact of agricultural technology on the future of farming in India

Agricultural technology and its continuous development are of utmost importance for India: The country has evolved from an agricultural economy to a service-based economy, and at the same time, the agricultural…

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TUM Mumbai Liaison Officer Mohaa Vyas: a portrait

The Indian megacity Mumbai is one of the world’s largest urban areas. In 2014 TUM established a liaison office here – like the ones in other cities around the world. They are part of the university’s efforts to…

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TUM Mumbai: Visiting the Indian liaison office to strengthen partnerships

In mid-April, TUM Mumbai Liaison Officer Mohaa Vyas welcomed a guest for the first time since the start of the Corona pandemic: Layla Eberle, Senior International Strategist from the TUM Global & Alumni Office,…

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TUM Mumbai: Cooperation in higher education between Bavaria and Karnataka

TUM Mumbai liaison officer Mohaa Vyas and Layla Eberle, TUM's regional officer for India, participated in a virtual event on March 15, which featured comprehensive information on India's new National Education…

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TUM Mumbai: Prof. Schreurs at TUM Global Dialogue "There is so much potential!"

Indo-German cooperation and global environmental risks were the topics of the virtual TUM Global Dialogue hosted by the Indian liaison office on November 25, 2021. Germany and India share many common values and…