International exchange with Erasmus+

Discover the opportunities granted by the EU

The personal experiences of numerous TUM students and employees demonstrate the significant role that international exchange plays in everyday life. The TUM Global & Alumni Office encourages exchanges via Erasmus+, among other things, to further strengthen the sense of belonging within Europe. Experiencing European values such as freedom, tolerance, and democracy thus becomes much more tangible. Through the further development of the program lines, global exchange can also be promoted.

Go abroad with Erasmus+

Study in Europe

Through Erasmus+, you have the opportunity to study within Europe for up to two semesters. You don't have to pay study fees at the partner university and you will get additional financial support.

Internships in Europe

The TUM Global & Alumni Office offers the possibility to support internships within Europe via Erasmus+. Find out here about requirements, deadlines, application procedures and more.

Teach across Europe

Through the funding program Erasmus+ you have the chance to teach students at a TUM partner university in one of 32 European countries. Get information about the requirements here.

Training in Europe

Through Erasmus+ TUM employees get the opportunity to pursue continuing education in 32 countries – at universities, companies and other private institutions.

Coming to TUM with Erasmus+

Students of European partners

If you are studying in Europe and would like to come to TUM for one to three semesters, you may do so via the programs Erasmus+ and SEMP.

Research stays & internships

International students can be enrolled as interns for up to three semesters if they are involved in, for example, a TUM research project. 

Lecturers from partners in Europe

Through the Erasmus+ program, lecturers from European partner universities have the opportunity to spend a teaching period at TUM.

Lecturers from all over the world

The international dimension of Erasmus+ enables lecturers and research assistants from partners around the world to teach at TUM for up to two months.

Employees of European partners

You work at a European partner university and would like to visit us for a knowledge exchange with colleagues at TUM? Find out about your opportunities with Erasmus+.

Employees from all over the world

Through the international dimension of Erasmus+, it is also possible for employees of non-European partners to visit TUM for further education purposes. Learn more.