TUM São Paulo: Sustainability in higher education – finding common ground between Brazil, Mexico and Germany

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Making sustainable action more efficient through international exchange: At the TUM São Paulo event as part of the TUM Global Dialogue Series, experts presented university strategies on sustainability from Brazil, Mexico and TUM.

Screenshot of the representatives of TUM, ITESM and UNESP during the webinar
Sustainable action as a unifying element: At the TUM São Paulo Dialogue, representatives from TUM, ITESM and UNESP presented their respective strategies. Image: TUM São Paulo

The TUM Latin American liaison office's Global Dialogue webinar, entitled Sustainability in higher education: best practices from Latin America and TUM, brought together representatives from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), and São Paulo State University (UNESP) on December 13 to give insight into their universities' respective sustainability efforts.

  • Prof. Dulce Silva from UNESP outlined UNESP's sustainability strategy in the area of research orientation against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how it is anchored with social programs at the university's 24 campuses. 
  • Prof. Ines Saenz, Vice President Inclusion, Social Impact and Sustainability of ITESM introduced the so-called "Blue Roadmap" Rota Azul, which holistically covers all activities of the university through six core themes. 
  • TUM Sustainability Manager Tobias Michl presented the sustainability agenda TUM Sustainable Futures Strategy 2030 and showed initial developments that have taken place since the division was established in 2020. 

Following the short presentations, the audience joined in and discussed the implementation of the various approaches. The participants came from Latin America – Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Panama and Ecuador – and Europe – Germany, Spain, Poland and France. 

A poll among the audience members indicated that about 60% work directly with sustainability issues. The discussion clearly showed that the topic has gained importance in university administrations worldwide.

TUM Sustainability Agenda published

Sustainability is a core topic of TUM's future development agenda. That is why a comprehensive strategy was developed that combines ecological, economic and social perspectives on this topic – involving members of the entire university across all disciplines. 

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