TUM São Paulo: Huge interest in virtual events for doctoral students from Brazil and Mexico

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Even though information events in Latin America can now be offered on site again, the TUM liaison office in São Paulo continues to enjoy great success with its online events. The last preparatory webinars for candidates from Brazil and Mexico for a doctorate in Germany attracted more than 200 participants.

Screenshot of the organizers of the Zoom webinar
TUM São Paulo liaison officer Sören Metz with colleagues from FU Berlin, TUM Graduate School and DAAD Mexico. Photo: TUM São Paulo

TUM São Paulo liaison officer Sören Metz organized the events in April and May, building on the positive experience with webinars on PhD opportunities in Germany from last year. The aim of these events is to present potential career paths and PhD opportunities in Germany to prospective PhD candidates and to prepare them specifically for further steps to be taken at TUM.

The events were held in cooperation with colleagues from the TUM Graduate School and Freie Universität Berlin. Almost 115 participants attended the preparatory webinar for Brazilian doctoral students. In Mexico, this event format was offered for the first time this year. With over 250 registrations and nearly 120 participants, it was a great success. 

Of additional value for the participants was the involvement of the DAAD offices in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City, which presented the respective funding opportunities for candidates from the two countries. The most relevant information during the Q&A sessions included detailed answers to questions such as "How do I find a host?" and "How do I approach my potential host?". 

Additional events for other countries from Latin America are planned for the second half of the year. More information can be found soon on the LinkedIn page of TUM São Paulo.