TUM Beijing: TUM-SJTU workshop to promote cooperation in study and teaching

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In an online workshop with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) on academic administration, 20 science managers from TUM and SJTU met to exchange best practices within the field of study and teaching.

Main entrance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Main entrance of the Chinese partner Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Image: SJTU

Gabriele Kunnes, Head of the TUM Center for Study and Teaching, and Dan Huang, Deputy Director of Academic Registry of SJTU, presented the organizational structure, working methods, and experiences in the field of study administration as well as the approval process for new study programs at both universities. The event provided a good platform for the participants to gain insights into the organizational structures of the partners and to exchange ideas about possibilities for future cooperation.

"The TUM-SJTU Academic Management Workshop is an expression of our commitment to cooperation and knowledge sharing in higher education," said TUM Beijing Liaison Officer Zhenshan Jin. "By bringing experts from both institutions together on a regular basis, we aim to promote mutual learning and strengthen our administrative practices."

SJTU and TUM have been linked by an institutional partnership agreement since 1995. Within this framework, both sides promote research collaborations as well as student and researcher exchanges.

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