TUM Beijing: TUM Ambassadors intensify dialogue with students in China

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In early June, TUM Beijing Liaison Officer Zhenshan Jin and a delegation of TUM Ambassadors visited the Chinese flagship partner Tsinghua. Prof. Wang Bing had initiated the meeting under the motto "TUM Ambassador Visit to Tsinghua University" with great commitment at his university to promote communication, cooperation and knowledge exchange between Chinese TUM Ambassadors with students and alumni of Tsinghua University. It is planned to carry out this project with other partners as well.

Prof. Wang Bing gives his talk in a lecture hall
TUM Ambassador Prof. Wang Bing informs Tsinghua University students about his time at TUM.
Zhenshan Jin during her presentation
TUM Beijing Liaison Officer Zhenshan Jin introduced students to study and research opportunities at TUM. Both images: Zhang Lifei / Tsinghua University

"As a researcher, I really enjoyed working at TUM and I think it's great when we, as TUM Ambassadors, can exchange ideas with the next generations and tell them about our experiences at TUM," Prof. Wang Bing explained his motives. And so, at the meeting at Tsinghua University, the participants were offered exclusive insights into cutting-edge research and collaborative projects – from Prof. Wang as well as from two other Chinese TUM Ambassadors: Prof. Zhang Shuguang from Beihang University and Prof. Tang Shengjing from the Beijing Institute of Technology.

In addition to showcasing the current research projects of the three TUM Ambassadors, the event was an ideal platform to introduce TUM's offerings to the participants. TUM Beijing Liaison Officer Zhenshan Jin provided information about the study and research opportunities at TUM and highlighted the academic excellence, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative concept of talent training. "We attach great importance to close cooperation with our TUM Ambassadors," Zhenshan Jin said after the meeting, "and we will organize similar events regularly in the future to strengthen and expand TUM's presence in China."

TUM Ambassadors are top international researchers from all over the world who have enriched TUM with their expertise and experience. Once a year, the president of TUM awards these top-class researchers with the honorary title of TUM Ambassador. The program was launched in 2013. Since then, a total of 89 top-class scientists from all over the world have been appointed TUM Ambassadors.

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