Call for the development of the EuroTeQ Collider project weeks at TUM

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The EuroTeQ Engineering University is looking for a dedicated chair, professor, or unit of TUM to develop and run the EuroTeQ Collider in 2022. The awarded team will be supported by a Program Manager position funded by the EuroTeQ project. The Collider is deemed to be a new and innovative training offer in the form of project weeks, aiming at bringing different groups of learners together.

The EuroTeQ-Collider is the heart of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. Students, trainees in technology-related professional fields, and stakeholders from society and industry come together to develop concrete approaches to solving current problems. The Collider takes place in the form of project weeks, running at the partner universities at the same time.

Please find all details about the call on the EuroTeQ website.