Registration of your freemover stay abroad in the Diploma Supplement

In addition to the programs of the TUM Global & Alumni Office, you may also choose to organize your stay abroad on your own. Freemover stays include study semesters, stays for thesis or dissertation completion as well as study trips and internships. Please ensure that you have your independently arranged stay entered in the Diploma Supplement by the Global & Alumni Office well in advance.

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Prerequisites for entry in your Diploma Supplement

In order to enter your stay abroad in the Diploma Supplement, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

The stay must

  • Have a meaningful connection with the study objective and
  • Have been at least 2 months in duration or, if the stay was shorter, credits must have been acquired (e.g., ATHENS, Summer Courses).

Requirements for entry in your Diploma Supplement

  • Registration of the self-organized stay in MoveOn
  • Please select the form: Outgoing - Registration other mobilities (free mover and other programs)
  • Upload the Confirmation of Stay. You can find a template here.
  • The Confirmation of Stay must contain the following information:
    • Start and end date of your stay
    • Name and country of the institution visited
    • Signature of the responsible person, function of the responsible person, stamp of the institution
  • Submission of the printed and signed online sheet together with the confirmation of stay from the International Relations Officer of your TUM faculty.
  • Hand in the signed and approved online sheet to the Global & Alumni Office.

Information on entry in your Diploma Supplement

The approved stays abroad will be published in the Diploma Supplement in field "6.1 Additional Information". The entry contains the following information:

  • Study related stay abroad - "Type of stay"
  • DD-MM-YYYY - DD-MM-YYYY: "visited institution / university" in "country"

The data in TUMonline is entered on the database four times a year: at the beginning of March, June, September, and December.

Automatic recognition of your stay abroad

The following programs, funded by the TUM Global & Alumni Office, are automatically added to the Diploma Supplement. However, please note that this automatic recognition necessitates that you have submitted the required documents after your stay, e.g. Confirmation of Stay, and that the program is completed.

  • TUMexchange
  • Erasmus+ study and internship
  • Swiss European Mobility Programme (studies)
  • Swiss European Mobility Programme (Internship)
  • stays abroad scholarships of the Global & Alumni Office*
  • Faculty partnerships (arranged via your faculty and already registered in MoveON)

*Stays through a scholarship program (PROMOS / Ministry Scholarship) will automatically be recorded in the Diploma Supplement, regardless of whether they have been accepted or rejected, if a confirmation of stay has been received.

Credits can also be recognized for self-organized stays abroad after consultation with your faculty.

Scholarships for stays abroad

Besides Erasmus+ und SEMP, there are other possibilities for grants for internships abroad. Learn more about all your options here.

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Further informationen on the Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is issued as per the Bologna reform as an English language supplement to the university degree certificate. It describes the qualifications associated with the study program according to universal criteria. The aim is to facilitate the assessment and grading of academic degrees, both for study and professional purposes, at home and abroad.

The DS is divided into a total of 8 chapters. In Chapter 6.1 "Additional Information", you can provide individual information about your extracurricular activities during your studies. This may also include, for example, journal entries on stays abroad.