TUM Brussels: Politecnico di Milano and TUM launch institutional partnership

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The Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have established a strategic alliance aimed to increase international cooperation between the two technical universities. The agreement aims to support the development of a joint pool of talent and to facilitate joint research communities in complementary scientific areas.

Two representatives of the two partners at the signing of the contract
Prof. Winkelmann and Prof. Ronchi at the signing of the MoU between TUM and PoliMi.
The representatives of the two partners celebrate the signing of the contract
The institutions celebrate their new partnership. From left to right: Prof. Daniele Rocchi, Prof. Donatella Sciuto, Prof. Stefano Ronchi, TUM Ambassador Prof. Matteo Maestri, and Prof. Juliane Winkelmann. Both images: Politecnico di Milano

On November 11, a delegation from TUM visited PoliMi to discuss different possible areas of collaboration and institutionalize the ongoing discussions with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Two main pillars were identified for the partnership:

  • Nurturing talent and supporting a joint pool of talent
  • Research cooperation and building-up joint research communities in the areas: Green Hydrogen, Artificial Intelligence, Material Science and Digital Medicine

Juliane Winkelmann, TUM Senior Vice President for International Alliances and Alumni, and  Stefano Ronchi, Delegate of the Rector for International Affairs at PoliMi, signed the agreement. This visit to Milan marked the finalization of exploratory talks between the two institutions that began back in 2020.

A historic day for PoliMi

The signature of the MoU happened for PoliMi on a historic day: on the evening of November 10, the university community of PoliMi has elected their first ever female Rector, Professor Donatella Sciuto. She will start her tenure on January 01, 2023, and it will last until 2028. Donatella Sciuto is not only the first female Rector of PoliMi, but also of a technical university in Italy. She joined the signing of the MoU on Friday. A delegation visit to TUM in 2023 under her leadership is already being planned.

If you are interested in the activities of partnership between PoliMi und TUM, please contact TUM Brussels liaison officer Maria-Valerie Schegk.

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