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The European Talent Academy (ETA) entered its third round last week in Milan. 22 researchers from Imperial College London, Politecnico di Milano and TUM were part of the group. The theme of this year's ETA program is "Lifelong Health”.

Group photo with the 22 ETA Fellows and the organizing team in the auditorium of PoliMi
The European Talent Academy cohort 2023 at the kick-off in Italy. Image: Politecnico di Milano
Group photo of the TUM members participating in the ETA kick-off event in Milan
The seven TUM fellows of the 2023 cohort with TUM Brussels Liaison Officer and ETA coordinator Maria-Valerie Schegk. Image: Vanessa Morales

The two-day kick-off event gave each ETA fellow the opportunity to introduce themselves in a short pitch, get to know each other, and initiate discussions about potential exchange and collaboration. Science Speed Dating sessions and workshops allowed researchers to network and build relationships that can benefit them in the future.

Connecting the ETA fellows to create a breeding ground for collaboration

The theme of this year's cohort, "Lifelong Health," focuses on ways to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout a person's life. In the Challenge, "Striving for lifelong health in Europe: Strategies and technologies for a healthier society," researchers from fields as diverse as biomedicine and bioengineering, molecular biotechnology, genetics and genomics, environmental engineering, health economics, digital health, cybersecurity, neuroengineering, robotics, and urban planning discussed diverse approaches to solving public health challenges.

Topics discussed included examining factors that contribute to unhealthy lifestyles, combating disease, identifying effective interventions, and developing strategies to promote health and wellness.

Partnering-up for a healthier future

The ETA fellows were inspired by the kick-off event and now head into their program year highly motivated. In particular, they emphasized that the two days in Milan had provided them with an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with new colleagues from different disciplines. The interdisciplinary makeup of the cohort allowed them all to gain new perspectives on the common topic area and explore what they want to do next and how they can help each other move forward.

A big thank you goes once again to our colleagues at Politecnico di Milano for organizing the perfect start to an exciting program in 2023.

The next steps of ETA 2023

For the ETA, goal-oriented training of young talents and correspondingly specific preparation for a successful research career is a top priority. Therefore, the next part of the program will provide training and qualification opportunities for the fellows in the coming months. This will include, among other things, online modules covering various aspects of research skills such as proposal writing for EU and non-EU funding and policy influencing.

In addition, short research stays with ETA fellows at one of the partner institutions in early summer will provide an opportunity to deepen collaboration and knowledge. This year's European Talent Academy will conclude with a final workshop in Brussels in October, focusing on raising awareness of EU policy and research developments in Europe.

About the ETA

The European Talent Academy was launched in 2021. The program aims to foster collaboration between young scientists in Europe and to promote a community of talented individuals working together to advance research in a variety of fields. The program provides a platform for these individuals to come together, share ideas and expertise, and work together to solve some of the most pressing problems facing our society.

For more details on this years’ European Talent Academy, please contact Maria-Valerie Schegk.

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