TUM Beijing: Tsinghua-TUM Talks on carbon neutrality

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Sustainable clean energy development and decarbonization are among the major challenges of our time. To promote research cooperation between the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Tsinghua University in the field of carbon neutrality, the Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (Tsinghua SIGS) and the TUM Beijing liaison office jointly organized the third Tsinghua-TUM Talks on carbon neutrality on November 25.

Lecture hall at the Tsinghua SIGS campus in Shenzhen
At the Tsinghua-TUM Talks in Shenzhen, TUM Senior Vice President Juliane Winkelmann stressed the importance of the role of the international university community in finding solutions to global challenges. Image: TUM Beijing

Around 100 students and researchers from China and Germany gathered in Shenzhen for this expert exchange on the topic of carbon neutralization. In addition, more than 30,000 viewers followed the Tsinghua-TUM Talks via live streaming. Prof. Thomas Brück, Head of the Werner Siemens Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology and Prof. Jakob Burger, Director of Chemical Process Engineering of TUM, the deputy dean of Tsinghua SIGS, Prof. Feiyu Kang, and Prof. Jian'e Zuo, presented their latest research results in the field of carbon neutrality in the course of this hybrid event.

In the panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Xinwei Shen, Prof. Zhang Yi, Prof. Hong Chaopeng and Prof. Li Xuebing, a joint alumnus of TUM and Tsinghua, discussed China's and Germany's climate neutrality policies and also talked about talent development in this field.

Universities carry responsibility for sustainability and mitigation of climate change

“As leading universities, we increasingly believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and that scientific breakthroughs and new technologies will eventually lead to the advancement of our societies – especially in light of global challenges such as climate change,” Prof. Dr. Juliane Winkelmann, TUM Senior Vice President for International Alliances and Alumni, stated in her welcome remarks. “In the frame of our flagship partnership with Tsinghua, our two universities have joined forces to bring our brightest minds together to jointly create solutions for our broader communities.”

The Vice President of Tsinghua University, Prof. Jiang Peixue, also emphasized the fundamental role of universities in his speech: “Carbon neutrality has become a major global initiative that could have profound socio-economic implications for our future. Tsinghua University has always attached great importance to the issue of climate change and sustainable development. We hope to contribute to carbon peaking, carbon neutrality, and many other important goals for the fate of humankind. Focusing on innovation, cooperation, and exchange, we will work together with our global partners, including the Technical University of Munich, to achieve these goals.”

Tsinghua-TUM Talks 

The Tsinghua-TUM Talks is an annual event series as part of the TUM Global Dialogue Series which was piloted in late 2020 to resounding success, providing insights into topics that are as relevant for the strategic flagship partnership between our two universities as they are for Sino-German cooperation in general. 

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