First EuroTeQ Collider completed

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From April to June 2022, the first EuroTeQ Collider took place at TUM. Companies such as Siemens, Microsoft, and Infineon submitted exciting challenges on the topic of Leave no Waste behind. Many exciting contributions were also made by TUM, for example by the Chair of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering of the TUM School of Engineering and Design and by various student organizations.

The three participating teams from TUM
Challenge winners: From TUM, the teams Advan.ce, ZIP Digital and Vertigrow competed in the EuroTeQaThon. Photo: Peter Finger / TUM

In the context of the EuroTeQ Collider, 13 teams at TUM have been working on these challenges over the past few months – and with a huge amount of motivation and enthusiasm. Some great solutions have emerged in the process. Siemens, for example, expressed great satisfaction: "From our point of view, the team's concept proposal is a complete and practicable solution to the given problem."

Winning teams at the EuroTeQaThon and for a visit to Brussels

At the end of the Collider project weeks, winning teams were selected at all partner universities, which then had the opportunity to participate in the EuroTeQaThon from June 10 to 12. From TUM, these were the three teams Advan.ce, ZIP Digital, and Vertigro. At TUM, the TUM: Junge Akademie organized the first EuroTeQaThon. The Collider's final event was conducted in pairs by the six partners:

  • Tal Tech hosted DTU in Copenhagen, 
  • L'X met the participants at the TU/e in Eindhoven and 
  • CTU students from Prague came to TUM for the weekend. 

The Advan.ce team with the Siemens Advanta Challenge came out on top among all participants and subsequently got to present its ideas to the European Commission together with two further winning teams from other EuroTeQ universities.

Many of the teams have decided to continue working on their challenges, which have become real heartfelt projects for the participants. For example, the Infineon team has applied for the TUM IDEAward 2022 with the solution developed in the Collider. Other teams are currently looking for funding opportunities or joining larger student organizations to turn their concepts into reality as quickly as possible. Thus, many of the projects created in the Collider have a life beyond the summer semester of 2022. 

After the EuroTeQ Collider is before the EuroTeQ Collider

The first EuroTeQ Collider has shown how much potential and drive there is in TUM students to find innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions to the pressing issues of our time. The Assistant Professorship of Policy Analysis is already in the planning phase for the second EuroTeQ Collider in fall 2022 and is looking forward to another round with exciting challenges and committed students from all disciplines and countries of origin.

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