TUM Mumbai: BayIND online seminar for young researchers features TUM doctoral candidate

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As part of its researcher recruitment initiative, the Bavarian-Indian Center for Business and Academic Cooperation (BayIND) organized an online seminar to encourage young Indian researchers to choose Bavaria as the location for their research careers. A TUM doctoral candidate from India took questions from the participants and shared her experiences as a young scientist at TUM.

Präsentation beim BayIND Online-Seminar, Screenshot: TUM Mumbai
Rinita Roy berichtet von ihren Erfahrungen als Doktorandin an der TUM

With the help of TUM Mumbai Liaison Officer, Ms. Mohaa Vyas, TUM doctoral candidate Rinita Roy was selected to speak about her experiences and effectively address the questions and concerns of the audience in the panel discussion of the BayIND Online Seminar.

TUM doctoral candidate praises research opportunities at TUM

Participants used the seminar to learn about why Ms. Roy chose Bavaria for her research, what it is like to do research at TUM, and why she would recommend a research career in Bavaria.

"TUM, the technical university located at the Bavarian capital, facilitates high-quality research with varied choice of areas and topics, an international environment and the possibility of interdisciplinary collaborations with some brilliant minds – students and scientists. Munich is not only a top-notch technical and cultural hub but is also very close to the nature, thus offering the perfect balance to the life of a researcher – mentally, physically, socially and financially”, Ms. Roy described her experience as a young researcher at TUM in Bavaria.

Ms. Roy is currently a researcher and a Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Application and Middleware Systems of TUM, working on a scalable music matching project. Her current research interests focus on various topics around that area, including audio matching, audio segmentation, data analytics, machine learning, and distributed computing.