TUM Mumbai

TUM has maintained partnerships with some of the most prestigious Indian universities since 2001. From 2011 on, TUM has been present in India with a representative as a first contact point for interested students and scientists.

In November 2014 TUM established its own liaison office at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Mumbai. Additionally, TUM is a member of the German House for Research and Innovation New Delhi (DWIH), the main association of German scientific organizations in India. TUM Mumbai acts as an interface between India and TUM. The liaison office was launched to further raise TUM’s visibility and strengthen its international reputation as one of Europe’s leading universities. 


  • Cooperation support: facilitating scientific exchange and intensifying research cooperation with Indian universities, scientific institutions and the industry  
  • Counseling and recruiting: support, counseling and recruiting of highly qualified students and scientists for TUM by attending selected info sessions and the organisation of pre-departure webinars and PhD-workshops 
  • Networking: cultivating relationships and the establishment of contacts with local stakeholders for a targeted networking of TUM in India as well as maintaining the alumni network
  • Knowledge brokering: analysis of the Indian higher education and research sector as well as providing regional expertise to TUM members 

TUM Mumbai Insights

India’s new National Education Policy

The new National Education Policy (NEP), endorsed in summer 2020, is a comprehensive measure in response to India's growing developmental needs. It proposes revamping all aspects of the education structure, including its regulation and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the goals of 21st century education.

TUM Mumbai Liaison Officer Mohaa Vyas provides insights into a milestone in Indian education policy.


150 years of TUM: TUM Mumbai celebrates anniversary at the German Embassy, New Delhi

Together with the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New Delhi, the TUM Mumbai office organized an “Indo-German Dialogue: Universities as Enablers of Excellence in Entrepreneurship” at the German Embassy in Delhi on October 31, 2018. The event was rounded off by an evening reception in honor of TUM’s 150-year anniversary.

Professor Juliane Winkelmann, TUM Senior Vice President for International Alliances and Alumni, gave a talk on „Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship since 1868“ at the Indo-German Dialogue. With her speech she emphasized TUM’s ambitions in entrepreneurship and its culture of excellence since its beginnings as a polytechnic school. Dr. Anil Wadi, Managing Director at the Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, TUM’s longstanding partner university, then provided an insight into an Indian best practice for an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The event was completed with a dinner reception to celebrate 150 years of TUM. Among the 100 guests were local partners, supporters and friends of TUM as well as TUM alumni such as Susmita Sinha, a sponsor of a German National Scholarship for TUM. To mark the 150th anniversary of TUM, there was a special birthday cake in the shape of the Taj Mahal, which all the well-wishers enjoyed together in a relaxed atmosphere.