TUM San Francisco - the liaison office for North America

Since 2015, TUM San Francisco has been promoting TUM's research and innovation topics in North America and intensifying TUM's relationships with top U.S. and Canadian institutions. The liaison office keeps the TUM community informed about trends in higher education and developments in research and industry in North America. As the first point of contact for TUM researchers and staff, the office supports transatlantic projects and establishes contact with local stakeholders.

News and Insights from the TUM San Francisco liaison office

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TUM San Francisco: New Year's reception at SAP Labs

On January 17, the TUM San Francisco Liaison Office once again hosted the traditional New Year's reception for the TUM community in North America. This time, the reception took place at SAP Labs in San…

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TUM San Francisco: Global Dialogue on the topic Decolonizing Global Health

Many researchers think that the decolonization of global health is essential for promoting sustainability in healthcare interventions. The TUM San Francisco Dialogue "Decolonizing Global Health - Considerations…

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TUM San Francisco: New Liaison Officer for TUM in North America

TUM has a new Liaison Officer at our San Francisco location! We are pleased to announce that with Tim Bombosch, PhD, we now have a contact person for North America on site again. Tim Bombosch started his career…

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TUM San Francisco Insights: TUM alumnus Florian Grigoleit on the SkyDeck Accelerator program

Florian Grigoleit is the CEO and co-founder of modelwise, a TUM startup that provides AI-based software for automated safety analysis. Florian received his master’s and PhD degrees in computer science and…

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TUM San Francisco: The future of global innovation collaborations in the Bay Area

In May, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute released a major report on the future of innovation collaborations in the Bay Area. To mark the occasion, leaders in diplomacy, innovation, business and academia…