TUM Brussels – the liaison office for Europe

The core objectives of our liaison office in Brussels are closely linked to the European Science, Education and Innovation Agenda. Through joint initiatives with EuroTech partners as well as other European institutions, TUM Brussels has been strengthening TUM's profile in the EU and across Europe since 2012. In regular webinars and workshops, the office informs the TUM community about relevant EU initiatives and topics and also provides applicants with valuable advice on EU funding programs.

News and Insights from the TUM Brussels liaison office

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TUM Brussels: Chips for Europe – building on our strengths

Semiconductors are at the center of a global technology race and the digital transformation of our world. Global supply is insufficient to meet the rapidly increasing demand. Since 2020, we have been…

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EuroTeQ Collider: Web event Leave no waste behind – Towards a sustainable future

The EuroTeQ collider on the topic Leave no waste behind is in full swing. At an online event on May 11, you can learn more about how this challenge can be solved in cooperation between politics, industry,…

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TUM Brussels: Circular economy at the center of Europe’s sustainability strategy

The European Commission keeps emphasizing the importance of the circular economy for the realization of the European Green Deal. In order to show researchers how they can get involved in various activities and…

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EuroTeQ Collider 2022 at TUM: Kick-off event of the Assistant Professorship of Policy Analysis on March 28

The first EuroTeQ Collider at TUM will be conducted by the Assistant Professorship of Policy Analysis. The theme is Leave no waste behind. The kick-off event for the project weeks in the summer semester will…

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EuroTeQ Collider 2022 at TUM: Leave no waste behind

The first EuroTeQ collider at TUM will be conducted by the Professorship of Policy Analysis headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Wurster in 2022. The Collider project weeks aim to tackle and solve problems related to the…