Winter term 2019/20: A warm welcome to all new exchange students at TUM!

Alsmost 1,000 exchange students from 51 countries started their studies at Technical University of Munich (TUM) on October 1. The International Center wants to take this opportunity to welcome all exchange students on our campuses in Munich, Garching, and Weihenstephan.

Due to many international partner- and network agreements of the Technical University of Munich and related exchange programs, students from all over the world have the possibility to study within the 15 TUM departments. Part of these exchange programs are Erasmus+ and SEMP for Europe, TUMexchange for non-European countries, as well as additional departmental programs. At this point also special thanks you to all TUM departments! We all contribute to a successful realization of these exchange programs.

The TUM International Center wishes all students a nice and successful time at TUM! For common questions you can find different information on our webpage for exchange students. For special questions, do not hesitate to contact our incoming team, who can provide all necessary information.