Internships in Switzerland with the Swiss-European Mobility Programme

You have found an internship in Switzerland or you can write a thesis at a Swiss university? The Swiss-European Mobility Programme offers students of TUM funding opportunities for an internship or a practical thesis in Switzerland.

Through the Swiss-European Mobility Programme you can receive financial support for your stay abroad for up to 420 Swiss francs. You will also have the opportunity to add it to your Diploma Supplement. We offer you the opportunity to rent out your apartment to incoming exchange students during your absence and to participate in advance in workshops on intercultural communication at TUM Language Center.

How it works

  • Find an internship or a thesis in Switzerland
  • Fill out and sign (department + receiving organization) Planned Mobility Confirmation
  • Send your Application to TUM Global & Alumni Office
  • Nomination by the Global & Alumni Office for the partner university
  • Application for the sponsorship at the partner university
  • Upload final documents to MoveON to be entered into the Diploma Supplement

Eligibility requirements for the Swiss-European Mobility Programme

  • Enrollment at TUM
  • Self-organized internship or thesis in Switzerland; both must have meaningful correlation with the study objective
  • Planned period of the internship or final thesis of at least two to a maximum of twelve months
  • Application through the TUM Global & Alumni Office

In principle, internships can be funded for all areas of study, but the allocation varies depending on the institution: Since the funds are awarded by the Swiss universities, often only subsidies for internships and dissertations at the universities themselves are possible - for example in their university labs and university hospitals. However, some universities also support internships at partner companies and organizations.

Funding through Swiss partner universities of TUM

Funding through non-partner universities of TUM

  • Please inform yourself directly at the Swiss university whether your internship or your practical thesis can be funded.

Attention: As funding for SEMP is quite limited, not all internships can be funded. Most Swiss universities follow the principle of 'first come, first serve'.

The respective application deadline depends on the university in Switzerland. Please apply to TUM Global & Alumni Office as soon as possible.

1. Complete the Planned Mobility Confirmation

  • Download and fill out the Planned Mobility Confirmation (see form in downloads).
  • The Planned Mobility Confirmation must be signed by the internship supervisor at the host organization and the responsible departmental coordinator.
  • The signature of the faculty counts as nomination to the Global & Alumni Office.

2. Complete the online application form

  • To apply, you must register in the MoveON portal.
  • Complete the online application form Registration for other stays abroad (free mover, SEMP-Switzerland).
  • After submitting your data, you can download your online application form as a PDF.

Important information about the registration process can be found in the MoveON portal.

  • To register in the MoveON portal, please use only your TUM e-mail address.
  • Upload your Planned Mobility Confirmation under "Relevant Documents to be Uploaded".
  • Remember the password for post-processing of your stay abroad in the online portal.
  • Always use the same TUM e-mail address for changes and for further applications.

3. Submitting your documents to the Global & Alumni Office

After submitting your application in the online portal you must submit the following documents to the coordinator of the Swiss European Mobility Programme for traineeships in the TUM Global & Alumni Office by e-mail:

  • Online application form
  • Planned Mobility Confirmation, fully completed and signed (see form in downloads)

4. Nomination by the Global & Alumni Office

Based on your application, you will be nominated by the TUM Global & Alumni Office to the corresponding Swiss university for funding.

5. Application to the Swiss university

After being nominated by the TUM Global & Alumni Office, the respective Swiss university will inform you about the further procedure.

Please submit the following documents no later than 1 month after the end of your internship in Switzerland. Only then can your stay abroad be printed in your Diploma Supplement.

  • Confirmation of Stay, which contains the start and end dates (see form in downloads) 
  • Experience report (see form in downloads)

All documents are collected in the online portal via the online form Outgoing - After mobility internship (Erasmus SMP und SEMP).

Important notes for completing the online form

  • Under "Your Exchange", select the exchange with the abbreviation "Sonst."
  • Under "Name of Exchange Program", select the program Swiss European Mobility Program Internship.

Please request the registration of your stay in your Diploma supplement as soon as possible after your return, in order to avoid any possible delay in receiveing your diploma once you conclude your course. Please keep the confirmation e-mail you will receive, for future reference. 

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What is the Swiss-European Mobility Programme?

Following the vote on the mass immigration initiative on 9 February 2014, the European Commission has suspended negotiations with Switzerland for participation in Erasmus +. The funding of stays in Switzerland continues under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

General information about SEMP can also be found on the movetia website. The Swiss agency has been responsible for the program since 2017.