Exchange Students

Exchange students are students who have been selected by their home university for studying at TUM for a maximum of three semesters within the scope of an exchange program (e.g. Erasmus+ or TUMexchange) or a bilateral university agreement. Upon completion of their stay at TUM, exchange students will return to their home university in order to complete their degree program. The following pages contain important information about your application and your exchange studies at TUM.

Coronavirus: Information for students seeking advice on our programs

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus disease Covid-19 and the virus SARS-CoV-2, we ask you to get in touch with us by e-mail only until further notice. We will try our best to perform our consulting services as smoothly as possible this way.

Things to bear in mind before applying

Before you can apply as an exchange student at TUM, you must be selected by your home university and nominated via our e-nomination system.  

You must remain enrolled at your home university and pay any applicable fees. At TUM, you will be required to pay a student fee of €142,40 per semester (as of winter term 2020/21), including the Student Union fee of €75 and and the solidarity premium for the Semester Ticket of €67,40.

We would like to draw your attention especially to the section entitled “Application” as your admission is subject to prior application in accordance with the guidelines. We would also like to remind you that proficiency in German is key if you plan to attend TUM courses taught in German!

Application period

  • Winter semester: March 24 – May 15       
  • Summer semester: September 15 – October 31

Please note: Your nomination and supporting documents must be submitted to the TUM International Center no later than at the specified application deadline.


Schedule of your stay at TUM

Please find here a summary of important information (PDF, 500 KB) regarding the schedule of your stay at TUM. This should allow you to arrive prepared: Information regarding semester dates, admission and the TUM Student Card, enrollment (health insurance and student fee), course registration, the Semester Ticket and the Student Union fee as well as the end of your stay and receipt of your transcript of records.

Important services and contacts

TUM offers a number of services and contacts that will be important for you during your stay at TUM. Who is responsible for what, who will you have to contact and when, and where will you find which service?

Whether the International Center, the Language Center, the Departmental Student Councils, TUMi, the Accommodation Office, the department representatives, the TUM libraries, the canteen, sports activities or pastoral care this summary (PDF, 346 KB) includes all the right contacts for you to turn to.

Legal requirements

As you are coming to Munich from abroad, there are a number of legal requirements you must comply with. Please review this overview (PDF, 532 KB) to get all the information you will need concerning immigration requirements (Who will need a visa to enter Germany?), residence permits (Who must apply for one?), police registration (How does it work?), health insurance (for enrollment at TUM), deregistration from the register of residents, working in Munich, etc. 


PDF compilation (for the above mentioned "overview" pdf)


"Working (students from abroad)": 

Useful information about living in Munich

Are you looking to explore Munich, or would you like to find out more about living costs or how to open a bank account? This overview (PDF, 472 KB) provides a summary of useful information about living in Munich.

Contact for regular students (non-exchange)

If you want to study as a regular student at TUM please contact the TUM Student Service Center. Email:, phone: +49 (89) 289 - 22245.