TUM International Center supports students with various scholarships to go abroad during their studies.
TUM International Center supports students with various scholarships to go abroad during their studies. Photo: Franziska Zhu / TUM

Scholarship Options for Stays Abroad

Various scholarship programs are available at TUM for your planned stay abroad.

Scholarships from TUM (International Center)

Study/work abroad grant (internships and Freemovers)

Internships as well as independently organized stays abroad at universities worldwide are eligible for support through the study/work abroad grant provided by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts.


The funds for the study/work abroad grant are provided by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts.

The grant aims to promote the international exchange between young individuals with exceptional qualifications. Support is available for stays abroad worldwide outside the Erasmus area for

  • study-related internships at universities, research institutes, scientific institutes or companies of a duration of at least six weeks. These stays must either be unpaid or low-paid (up to €200).
  • Independently organized semesters of study


Eligible applicants include German students and international students with a German education who are enrolled for studies at TUM.

Doctoral candidates are excluded from the grant but are invited to inquire about funding options with the DAAD.

The allowable income of the applicant corresponds to the income limits set out in the ministerial guidelines (currently up to €15,000 gross per annum).

The grant is aimed exclusively at Freemovers and not at participants in existing programs such as ERASMUS, TUMexchange or stays abroad via partnerships between departments.

Exclusion of double support

Recipients of this grant are not eligible to receive additional public grants, including the Deutschland-Stipendium or a general scholarship from TUM.

Interns are only eligible for support if their internship is either unpaid or low-paid. Study-related internships within the Erasmus area can be funded through the Erasmus SMP program.

Students receiving federally funded student financial aid (BAföG) are not allowed to receive a study/work abroad grant in excess of €300 per month (overall funding in relation to the term of the grant); otherwise, the funding may be offset against their BAföG funding.

Important notice

If you are considering a position in the weapons industry, the military or intelligence, residing in one of the countries included on the attached list could limit your career options. The list of countries considered dangerous can change, and we make every effort to keep the information on our website as up to date as possible. More information on this topic can be found (in German) in the Handbuch des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie.

Grant amounts

The funds will be paid for the actual duration of the stay, up to a maximum of six months. This includes monthly living cost support abroad in the amount of € 300.

In addition, you may be eligible for travel cost support of up to €1,000 in accordance with the travel cost allowances of the DAAD (pdf, 53 KB). This will depend on the acutal number of applicants , which can only be confirmed after the application deadline. (Please see in the list in the column with the heading “Teilstipendium Mobilität” for the exact allowance amount). Please note that the maximum amount of travel cost support is €1,000.  

The funds will be transferred to your account as a lump sum payment once the outcome of your application has been announced.


Your documents will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • course achievements (40%)
  • the motivation of your study abroad and a clear connection with your studies (appropriateness) (40%)
  • CV / extracurricular activities proven (20%)
  • if applicable, letter of recommendation 

2018 application deadline

The application deadline is September 30, 2018, if your stay abroad will take place primarily in the current calendar year. For stays abroad ending next year (2017/2018 or 2018/2019), you can only apply for a study/work abroad grant once.

Early application is welcome. If our decision is positive, you will, of course, receive your grant retroactively for a stay abroad starting in or after January 2018.

Announcement of the outcomes of the selection process

The outcomes of the selection process will be announced by Mail no later than ten weeks after the application deadline. For this reason, we ask that you refrain from inquiring about the status of your application. This only leads to delays in the selection process.

Please submit your application via our Online Application Portal for studies abroad.

Documents for the application:

Instructions for the application (pdf, 231 KB)

Funding options for developing countries

Travel cost support is available from the International Center for academic activities in developing countries.


With this grant, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) wishes to provide its students and employees with an opportunity to perform academic activities in developing countries (according to DAC list) and to make both new contacts and to strengthen already existing contacts and projects.  

In detail, the objectives are:

  • Promotion of the developing country mobility of TUM students and employees
  • Strengthening the developing country competence of TUM students and employees
  • Establishment and expansion of the research and project cooperation between TUM and universities in developing countries


Employees and/or full-time students at TUM are eligible for funding. For each trip, up to three persons can be sponsored by these funds. Students must have a strong recommendation from the university department chair to carry out the trip to the developing country.

Exclusion of double funding

TUM employees may not receive any additional financial funding and may not claim the travel cost from TUM or from any other institution.

Funded measures

Travel costs (normally flight costs) of TUM students and/or employees for

  • short stays in developing countries, e.g. for coordination or initiation of projects
  • research stays in developing countries
  • stays in developing countries in order to perform projects can be funded.

Projects in close cooperation with an institution in the developing country will be given preference for funding (in contrast to field research without closer contacts in the developing country). Both the promotion of new projects and the expansion of existing cooperations are possible.

Funding scope

The maximum is 1,000.00 Euros of the travel costs actually incurred (normally flight costs) per person and application. Costs of visa, rental cars, accommodation and costs of the stay will not be assumed.

Application and selection

The application is to be made via the corresponding forms. Applications can be submitted continuously during the year until all the funds are used up. Early application is recommended. Selection is carried out after personal introduction of the project and verification of the application documents by the International Center.

Application documents

Prior to commencement of travel

After return

Please use exclusively the forms provided on this website. Thank you very much!

PROMOS (seminar papers and final theses)

The PROMOS program supports students with grants for the completion of seminar papers and final theses in universities, companies and scientific institutes outside of Erasmus+ zone up to six months.

Target Group / Fundable Stays Abroad

  • German students enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program at TUM
  • International students, enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program at TUM and NOT planning to study in their home country
  • Self-organized stays abroad, not intended for participants in existing programs such as TUMexchange or for study abroad programs through partnerships between departments or Erasmus
  • Within the Erasmus area, PROMOS grants can only be obtained where no existing Erasmus cooperation is in place for the department in question or students are ineligible for support via Erasmus (e.g. because they have already completed an Erasmus+ stay).

2018/2019 application deadlines

  • June 1, 2018, if the stay abroad takes place primarily after June 1, 2018 (e.g. for stays abroad between May and December).
  • December 1, 2018, if the stay abroad takes place primarily after December 1, 2018. Then the support for your stay abroad is available only from the beginning of 2019. The scholarship is effective on January 1, 2019.

Grant amounts

  • €300 per month with few exceptions (see “Teilstipendium Aufenthalt” on the list of DAAD, PDF, 53 KB) over the actual duration of the stay, up to six months
  • Travel cost support provided for the respective country (see “Teilstipendium Mobilität” on the list of DAAD, PDF, 53 KB)
  • Further distribution of residual funds to the successors in exceptional cases, e.g. distribution of the monthly rates for the half of the duration of stay
  • Funded are only the months, which lie after the respective deadline (June 1st or December 1st)
  • Transferal of the funds as a lump sum payment once the outcome of the application has been announced

Combination with other grants

  • Combination possible with grants from private associations and industry grants, as well as the “Deutschland-Stipendium”
  • Combination with federally funded study abroad aid (Auslands-BAföG) also allowed (in that case, scholarship holder must inform the BAföG-Agency about the PROMOS scholarship)
  • Holding of an additional public grant is not allowed (e.g. Max Weber Program)



  • grades / ranking: 40%
  • letter of motivation, CV, personal engagement, references: 40%
  • language skills relevant to the thesis: 20%

Announcement of the outcomes of the selection process

  • Via e-mail approximately ten weeks after the application deadline
  • If approved, acceptance of the grant by a filled Scholarship Agreement (Stipendienvereinbarung, received alongside the letter of acceptance via e-mail). Please refrain from inquiring about the status of your application. This only leads to delays in the selection process.

Confirmation of Stay

  • Mandatory submitting of a Confirmation of Stay (PDF, 51 KB) after the stay abroad, signed/stamped by the advisor/contact person abroad
  • Requirement, so that the stay abroad is listed on diploma supplement


Funding Source

The PROMOS program for promoting student mobility outside the Erasmus area was developed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is funded by the BMBF. TUM International Center assigns these funds based on a quality-oriented selection process which is subject to final approval by the DAAD.

PROMOS (study and competition-related travel)

The PROMOS program provides grants for participation in subject-specific study and competition-related travel (group travel) to countries within and outside Europe.

Study-related travel

Study-related travel refers to group travel of students abroad for subject-specific learning purposes. This may include visits, tours and information meetings at universities abroad, for example, as well as participation in block seminars and workshops. At the same time, the exchange with local students and researchers should serve to develop and maintain relationships between German universities and universities abroad, while providing students with insights into the economic, political and cultural life of the host country. A university representative (lecturer, research assistant) of TUM will usually organize the journey and accompany the students.

The university representative will submit the application on behalf of the entire group (no individual applications required).

Competition-related travel

This includes group travel of students for participation in international student competitions abroad, e.g. the National Model United Nations in New York.


The program is aimed at German and international students enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program at TUM. Non-German students are only eligible for support if they are enrolled and intend to complete their degree program at TUM. Exchange students (ERASMUS or TUMexchange) are therefore not eligible for the grant.

PROMOS does not support convention and conference travel.

The application is usually submitted by the university representative accompanying the group on behalf of the entire group.

Application restrictions for TUM schools or departments

The International Center strives to ensure a largely homogeneous distribution of funding money to applicants from all TUM schools and departments. Schools and departments that have already received confirmation for one third of the overall study and competition travel budget are not permitted to submit further applications for the current calendar year. Information on the status of approved applications is available at the International Center.

Grant amounts

Eligible participants receive funding in accordance with the daily rate determined by the DAAD:

  • €30 per day per participant within the EU
  • €45 per day per participant outside the EU

Funding is available for travel with a maximum duration of 12 days. Participants in study-related travel will generally receive the daily rate. However, support may only be available for parts of the duration of their travel. University representatives accompanying student groups may also be eligible for support via PROMOS.

Payment of the grant amount

Grant funds will be paid after the stay abroad is completed and the required documentation has been submitted. Payment will be made via electronic transfer and requires a TUM account (e.g. of the student's Chair) and a booking ID (in German: a "Buchungskennzeichen" or "BKZ-Nummer").

Instructions for the application (pdf, 150 KB)

Documents for the application:

Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Scholarship grants provided for studying abroad, internship or graduation thesis as well as term papers in Switzerland.

Scholarships From External Providers


DAAD scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers various exchange programs and internships for specific disciplines in selected countries and/or institutions, including the DAAD-Jahresstipendium (one-year scholarship), funding for arranged specialized internships abroad or “RISE weltweit” (Research Internships in Science and Engineering). Please visit the following websites for an overview of the many scholarship programs offered by the DAAD.




Stipendiumplus - Scholarships for the promotion of young talents in institutions of higher education

The various organizations of "Stipendiumplus" also offer their scholarship recipients funding for stays abroad.

Rotary Foundation Scholarships

The objective of the Rotary Foundation is to promote peace and understanding between nations across the globe. Suitable candidates may apply for funding of their study abroad, particularly if they are applying for countries such as Scandinavia, Japan and Korea, or the developing countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.

Association of German Foundations

A free foundation search engine, which contains around 10.000 foundations with their own websites, that are currently active in Germany.

Source: Association of German Foundations

Federally funded student financial aid (BAföG)

Federally funded student financial aid abroad (Auslands-BAföG) is a unique funding option provided by the German government for entire degree programs, parts of a degree program, internships or student exchanges abroad, both in Europe and outside of Europe. If you are already receiving BAföG in Germany (Inlands-BAföG), you are guaranteed to receive Auslands-BAföG. If you are not receiving Inlands-BAföG, you may still be eligible to receive Auslands-BAföG. Due to the higher cost of living abroad, a much greater number of students are eligible for state-funded financial aid in this case.  



Working in Australia: International students are allowed to work in Australia up to 20h/week.


  • Institut Ranke-Heinemann supports every student (Freemover) financially during their stay abroad in Australia, New Zealand or Canada within a scholarship programme.

Working in Canada: International students are allowed to work in campus up to 20h/week. For that, the stay in Australia must be at least 6 months long and it is required to get a "Study Permit".

New Zealand

  •  Institut Ranke-Heinemann

Institut Ranke-Heinemann supports every student (Freemover) financially during their stay abroad in Australia, New Zealand or Canada within a scholarship programme.

The programme consists of two components: one is the financial support and the other is the mentoring during the application process, the stay abroad and even after the return. All Australian and New Zealand universities are included in the programme, as well as 70 universities/colleges in Canada.

East Europe

BAYHOST provides mobility grants for internships and the exchange of students as well as young researchers in east Europe (e.g. Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary).


  • Fullbright-Scholarships for studying in the USA

For undergraduate and/or graduate studies, the Fulbright Commission in Berlin awards studying or traveling scholarships for foreign exchange programs at American partner universities and other recognized institutions of higher education in the USA. Following a brief check, the International Center forwards your application together with a recommendation to the Fulbright Commission. The Commission selects their scholarship recipients from the submitted applications and informs them of the outcome.

The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is 15 January 2018. Please submit your application to the International Center.

Contact details: Angelika Weindel, scholarships for stays abroad.

To arrange an appointment, please send an email to weindel@zv.tum.de.

Please visit the Fulbright Commission website for information on how to apply and for your application documents.



Haven’t found the right scholarship program?

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