Europe, She Loves or a Successful European Movie Night


On January 23rd, 2018, TUM International Center and TUM Language Center organized a European movie night in the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film (HFF). The event was a great success – not only very well-attended and interactive, but also thought-provoking.

FLTR: Dr. Harald Olk (Director TUM IC), Christina Thunstedt (Vice Director TUM Language Center), Anna Schwark (Project Coordinator Go Europe!), Jan Gassman (Director Europe, She Loves), Maria Miyayama (Coordination Diversity Film Series)
Photo: Simone Fröhlich / TUM

The crowded HFF red cinema
Photo: Marina Schreier / TUM

The red cinema of the HFF was filled to capacity on the night of January 23rd. The guests waited with great anticipation and curiosity for the screening of Europe, She Loves, invited by TUM International Center and TUM Language Center in cooperation with HFF and the Europe Direct Information Centre. Both former, future and current Erasmus students and language course participants came to see the movie of the HFF graduate Jan Gassmann, distinguished by multiple awards.

In the multilingual (English, Estonian, Greek, Spanish) documentary, director Jan Gassmann shows a completely unvarnished perspective on Europe and illustrates how European politics is reflected in the reality of the lives of young European couples across the continent. The audience is brought impressively close to the differing realities of the couples that live in Dublin, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, and Sevilla – the edges of Europe.

Jan Gassmann was present for the screening and led a lively discussion afterwards with the audience about his film and its background. The students’ questions ranged from curious inquiries about the film and its production to profound questions regarding the attitude of the director toward the European Union. This is unsurprising since the movie provokes thought on future of Europe, leaving the spectators thinking as they journeyed home.

To conclude the night with a sweet surprise, the TUM International Center and TUM Language Center staff distributed delicious Europe muffins: the perfect preparation for the Erasmus and Europe adventure!

Are you keen on living your own European Erasmus adventure? On the website of the TUM International Center you can inform yourself about the various possibilities that Erasmus offers for exchange semesters and internships. The TUM Language Center offers a broad variety of language courses as well as courses for intercultural communication that prepare you for your stay abroad.

Did you miss the movie? Then you can find information about the film on the Europe, She Loves website.

If you are up for more movie nights with films in their original language and a discussion afterwards, the Diversity Film Series of the TUM Language Center is perfect for you. Come and enjoy!