TUM San Francisco: With the TUM US Venture Program off to Silicon Valley

The TUM US Venture Program is a unique opportunity for TUM startups to explore the U.S. market and accelerate internationalization. During the intensive 10-day program that took place from September 30 to October 10, 2019, the TUM Office San Francisco co-organized workshops, recruited mentors, and set up networking opportunities for ten of TUM's most promising entrepreneurs.

TUM US Venture Program 2019

The US Venture Program gives TUM startups the opportunity to gain experience in Silicon Valley and expand their network through a unique exchange of experiences. Photo: Dolores Volkert / TUM

For this year's TUM US Venture Program, five startups providing solutions in diverse fields have been selected.

Fusionbase is a data management and analytics platform made for agile data access in the AI age. The novel virtualization technology provides a fast, zero-copy and storage agnostic way to access, catalog and query data. Combined with an extensive open data marketplace, Fusionbase gives data science teams the data they need in hours instead of weeks.
Newgate offers a comprehensive digital asset management platform to create investment opportunities especially for small and medium-sized investors, increasing returns and reducing risks with this volatile asset class through AI-powered portfolio management and cross-platform trading.
ReMeDi develops robotics systems for healthcare applications. Besides assistive systems for patients, ReMedi robots support medical diagnostics, treatment and surgery. They reduce nursing efforts and surgery duration, allow precise diagnostics in remote places and lower radiation exposure of medical doctors during CT supported biopsies.
Stella Medical envisions a new way of surgical navigation by providing a user-friendly, cost-effective yet precise navigation system: Almost 800,000 spine stabilization surgeries are conducted every year in the US. Despite lower complication rates, current navigations systems are rarely used because they are costly, large in size and complex to use. The large high number of non-navigated surgeries is this startup’s potential.

ZESAVI is a web-platform increasing group intelligence right at the workplace. Their software detects scientifically proven patterns of collaboration and communication by measuring team performance quantitatively and qualitatively. As a result, precise action recommendations for improvement are being proposed automatically – just like a human coach but digital.


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