TUM Cairo: New sustainable cooperation with Egypt

Prof. Dr. Johann Plank, Head of Construction Chemistry and Prof. Dr. Harald Klein, Head of Plant and Process Engineering, visited Cairo from July 15 to 18 to speak at two significant events: the German Science Day and the scientific workshop Sustainability for a Better World. The latter was organized at the Faculty of Engineering of Ain Shams University in the framework of the faculty’s 180th anniversary.

Prof. Dr. Plank in a panel discussion

Prof. Dr. Plank was one of the main speakers during the German Science Day. Photo: Michael Assad

Heba Afifi during her TUM-presentation

TUM Liaison Officer, Heba Afifi informing Egyptian participants about the research opportunities at TUM. Photo: Michael Asaad

The TUM- Professoren Plank with their counterparts at Ain Shams University

Prof. Mohamed Ashour, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, handing Prof. Klein and Prof. Plank a token of honor as a sign of gratitude. Photo: Heba Afifi/TUM

The aim of the German Science Day in Cairo, an annual DAAD event, is to bring together promising young academics and researchers from Egypt to learn about the recent scientific trends in Germany and explore the options of doing their research at a German university or research institute. At this year’s event, which attracted more than 300 PhD and postdoc candidates, TUM’s Prof. Plank held a presentation on Modern Concepts for the Production of Eco-Friendly Cements, while the presentation of Prof. Klein was entitled A Process Engineering Design Approach to Energy Storage with Power-to-Heat Concepts.

On the following day, the Faculty of Engineering of Ain Shams University celebrated its 180th anniversary. In the framework of these celebrations, the workshop Sustainability for a Better World was held. As a sign of appreciation for the participation of Prof. Plank and Prof. Klein, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Mohamed Ashour, handed both TUM professors a token of honor. The great success of both events made Prof. Plank comment as follows: “The German Science Day was superb and the day at Ain Shams University was another highlight.”
TUM Cairo Liaison Officer Heba Afifi not only participated in both events but took them as unique opportunities to promote TUM to the Egyptians researchers and academics: She held the presentation Doing your PhD and postdoc research at TUM and provided consultation for interested candidates.

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