TUM Cairo: International panel discussion on smart agriculture in arid regions

In the framework of the initiative COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa), the DAAD Office Cairo and the TUM Cairo Liaison Office organized the panel discussion The State of Climate and Water – Smart Agriculture in Arid Regions on November 28. The event attracted more than 70 international experts from the fields of agriculture and agro economics, including Prof. Sauer and Dr. Emmanuel Benjamin of TUM.


DAAD Cairo Premises

Panel discussion „Smart agriculture in arid regions“. Photo: Michael Asaad

Prof. Dr. Johannes Sauer, Head of the Chair of Agricultural Production and Resource Economics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was one the keynote speakers. In his introductory speech, he gave an overview of the links between technological innovations and agricultural development. After that, Prof. Dr. Tamer of the Heliopolis University in Cairo highlighted the effects of climate change in Egypt, such as ecosystem pollution, land degradation, soil salinization, sea level rise, shore line erosion, and land desertification.

Dr. Emmanuel Benjamin, Senior Researcher at the Chair of Agricultural Production and Resource Economics at TUM, moderated the panel discussion where the farmers’ role as key players was emphasized. Without creating awareness about the advantages of smart solutions, little can be achieved. As the cost of smart agriculture is high, a cooperation between the industrial sector, the research units, and the farmers is required – and needs to be backed by governmental support.

After a round of questions from the audience and answers from the panellists, the event was concluded by a dinner in the DAAD garden, allowing the attendees to network and approach the panellists with more specific questions.