TUM Global Locations

TUM feels at home all over the world. With offices and research centers in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe it is represented in the most important higher education and research markets worldwide. Its representatives initiate cooperative research projects, provide interested students, graduates and researchers with information and help attract the best talents to TUM. In 2002, TUM was the first German university to open its own campus abroad: TUM Asia in Singapore.

Brussels: EuroTech Universities

TUM is a found­ing member of the EuroTech Uni­ver­sities Alliance, a strategic partner­ship of four of Europe's leading tech­nical uni­ver­sities: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Technical University of Denmark, TU Eindhoven and TUM. These four combine research excellence, tech­nological know-how and an entre­pre­neurial cul­ture. To­gether, they are active in Brussels. The Brussels Office supports joint EU proposals and relies on events and position papers to articulate an increasingly strong and clear voice within the changing research, in­novation and higher education land­scape in Europe. The local TUM Liaison Officer is  first contact person for researchers and staff in Brussels and represents TUM’s interest in the EU arena.


TUM expan­ded its worldwide net­work to the Middle East and North Africa with the opening of its TUM Cairo office in 2012. The TUM Cairo office is a hub for net­working and mutual know­ledge transfer between one of Europe's top uni­versities and its partners in the region. More­over, it seeks to attract talen­ted students and re­searchers for TUM. The office is colloc­ated with other leading insti­tutions at the German Science Centre (DWZ) in Cairo, Egypt. 


In the Indian city of Mumbai, TUM offers a first contact point for Indian stu­dents, who want to obtain a PhD or a Master’s degree in Munich, as well as for TUM researchers keen to reach out to one of the world’s largest markets. To increase its presence in the enorm­ous Indian market TUM opened its own office in Mumbai in late 2014. 


In the Middle Kingdom, TUM has deepened and main­tained relations with its Chinese partner uni­versities and companies. Since 2006, TUM is re­pres­ented in the People's Republic of China with its own office. With over 15 partner universities, growing student exchange and intensifying research cooperation China is among TUM’s most important partner countries. TUM Beijing is a corner stone of this success story and plays a central role in assuring the highest level of quality in TUM’s engagement with China.

San Francisco

In the immediate vicinity to Silicon Valley, TUM opened its North American liaison office. It accompanies partnerships and cooperative projects in the US and contributes to the recruitment of excellent students and researchers. As an information hub, the office also monitors developments in science and education in North America.

São Paulo

To keep its finger on the pulse of Latin America, TUM begun to oper­ate the Liaison Office in Sao Paulo in 2012. The Brazilian location aims to attract top scientists and outstanding students for TUM. From here, TUM also forges research partnerships with universities and companies across the entire continent. TUM’s office is ideally located at the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH).

Singapore: TUM Asia

The first campus of a German university abroad was founded in 2002 in Singapore: The German Insti­tute of Science and Tech­nology (GIST) - TUM Asia - a wholly-owned subsi­­diary of TUM. TUM Asia works closely with leading uni­ver­sities and companies in the region and attracts students from Asia, the U.S. and Europe to study its en­gineer­ing courses. Its appeal is its strong focus on man­age­ment skills, which best pre­pares them for a career in business.