Studying in Europe: Opportunities granted by the EU

Go Europe! The experiences that students and interns of TUM have had abroad show how significant the EU really is in European everyday life. The TUM Global & Alumni Office promotes student exchange via Erasmus+ among other things to strengthen the sense of togetherness and community among European citizens. To witness European values such as freedom, tolerance and democracy abroad makes us realize that these goals are achievable.

Exploring Europe: Possibilities for students of TUM

By staying abroad with Erasmus+ you can get to know the diversity of Europe first hand. You can find out about shared heritage with our European neighbors and at the same time discover exciting new cultural ground. Besides broadening your horizons in your field of study, stays abroad also offer the best way to improve your language skills. Students of TUM share their Erasmus+ experiences and whet your appetite to go abroad yourself.

The TUM Global & Alumni Office offers TUM students Erasmus+ grants for studies abroad as well as internships within Europe.

“Suddenly, Finland and Poland are not that far away anymore”

Larissa Böhrkircher did an internship in Rotterdam, Netherlands with Erasmus from October 2017 to the end of March 2018. The stay abroad has distinctly deepened her sense of feeling like a European.


“After my stay abroad I definitely feel more like a European citizen than ever before. All those people I met from different cultures make the felt boundaries become less distinct and it feels like Europe is growing together a bit more and becoming more approachable for me personally. Suddenly, Finland and Poland are not that far away anymore, and I’m for sure going to visit my Erasmus friends in their home countries as soon as possible.

And I can’t forget, of course, also the Netherlands, which grew from a vacation spot to a country where I could imagine working and living. The European Union has had an effect on my professional environment insofar that we dealt with a great many projects not just within the Netherlands, but also in other EU countries, among them Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Spain. Therefore, we didn’t just learn a lot specific to our field, but by dealing with all those regions we also gained great insights on the different cultures.”

Curious? Learn more about your opportunities in Europe

Testimonals: Studies

Read your fellow students reports about their experiences with Erasmus and get inspired to go abroad yourself!

Testimonials: Internships

You want to do an internship abroad? That is also possible with Erasmus! Find out about your classmates' experiences.

Welcome to Munich: Students from across Europe as guests of TUM

The Technical University of Munich stands for open-mindedness and international academic exchange. Find out about the potentials for your study stay provided by each department of TUM. Besides excellent education, TUM offers an orientation and support program for visiting students via the TUM Global & Alumni Office: the International Campus Life team helps you to find your way in Munich and at TUM. With international events such as the language café and joint excursions you get to know not only Munich and Germany better, but also the cultures of other European students.

Maria Genova: “Europe offers great possibilities“

Maria Genova came to Munich as a visiting student for the Bachelor’s program in Management and Technology (TUM-BWL). The Bulgarian native feels very much at home in the Bavarian capital and advises taking the chance for a stay abroad.

“The possibilities given to me by the EU never cease to amaze me. As a European, I have the great opportunity to study in Germany in one of the world’s top universities – allowing me to make friends with people from all parts of Europe.”

Europe in a nutshell

Important first-hand information: EU and BPB

For information about the EU, the website of the European Union and the online platform of the Federal Agency for Civic Education – in German: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BPB) – are two of the most important places to go.

Exchange within Europe: What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the program for education, youth and sports of the European Union. For further information, please visit the website of the European Commission.

PDF documents for download
Erasmus+ University Charta (EUC) (pdf, 419 KB)
TUM Policy Statement (pdf, 146 KB)
Erasmus Student Charta (pdf, 690 KB)

Teacher's Corner: The history of the European Union

Click and learn: Europe in a Nutshell explains history and function of the EU in a simple and vivid way.

Europe MOOC on Coursera

The Massive Open Online Course Understanding Europe: Why It Matters and What It Can Offer You taught by Professor Alberto Alemanno explains how Europe ticks and which unexpected chances it may offer.

Test your EU knowledge

Learning playfully: The European Union and the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany created different quizzes about the EU. Happy guessing!

What is the EU?

History of the EU (German only)

How does the EU work?

The EU member states (German only)

Who does what in Europe? (German only)

How is the EU relevant to us?

What happens in Europe? (German only)

What is on the EU's agenda?

Engagement with Europe

You want to engage with the European concept? There are lot of options! For example you can become part of the following institutions: