TUM Global Incentive Fund

As part of its internationalization efforts, TUM identified regions of high strategic importance and established Liaison Offices in Brussels, Cairo, São Paulo, Beijing, Mumbai, and San Francisco. At the same time, TUM is a key stakeholder in two strategic university alliances with excellent partners, both on a European (EuroTech Universities Alliance) and a global level (Global Alliance of Technological Universities).

The TUM Global Incentive Fund supports TUM scholars and scientists in exploring and intensifying new and existing international cooperations in the identified key regions and within the strategic alliances. In addition, it encourages engaging TUM liaison offices’ support and expertise in strengthening these cooperations. 


New Call for Proposals 2017!

Applications for the TUM Global Incentive Fund can be submitted by October 23rd, 2017.

The current call for proposals can be downloaded here. You can find further details of the call below.

Goals and eligibility


  • Development of new and the expansion of existing research / teaching cooperation projects with universities / research institutes in one of the TUM Liaison Office countries.
  • Intensifying engagement of TUM researchers with TUM’s institutional offshore infrastructure (TUM Liaison Offices).
  • Engagement, cooperation and joint project development with partner universities within the strategic alliances EuroTech and GlobalTech.


All TUM professors and TUM junior fellows are welcome to submit applications.

Supported activities and financial support

The following activities can be supported:

  • Co-financing of workshops / meetings in preparation of joint projects (e.g. preparation of a joint application for third-party funding).
  • Co-financing of joint workshops and conferences.
  • Development of joint research-oriented courses at postgraduate level (including MOOCs).
  • Travel grants for researchers initiating or intensifying new cooperation projects (for TUM researchers as well as for visiting researchers).

TUM International Center encourages TUM researchers to engage EuroTech and GlobalTech university partners. Please note that within the strategic alliances, funding applications need to involve at least three member institutions.

Financial support:

  • Up to €15,000 per project.
  • The funding period starts after successful nomination in December 2017.
  • Project billing must be completed by November 30th, 2018.

Application and selection process

Selection criteria:

In case of cooperation projects with universities / research institutions in TUM Liaison Offices countries:

  • Potential for integration of the regional TUM Liaison Offices into project activities.


In case of cooperation projects within the strategic alliances:

  • Potential for developing and strengthening multilateral activities within the strategic alliance. Added value for the alliances (EuroTech or GlobalTech).


General criteria:

  • Goals and feasibility of project.
  • Reputation of the cooperation partners; quality of existing cooperation (if applicable).
  • Complementarity of cooperation partners and added value for TUM;
  • Contribution of project partner(s) (e.g. co-funding/in-kind).
  • Added value for TUM students and young researchers / scientists.
  • Sustainability of proposed activities; action points for extension of cooperation; potential identification of follow-up funding.
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of proposed project / activity.
  • Agreement with internationalization goals of department, institute, integrative research center etc.


Application documents:

Hereafter, you can find the application documents for the current call for proposals. Please submit your application in English via e-mail to Dominik Beisser (beisser@zv.tum.de) until October 23rd, 2017.


Successful applications will be selected by an academic committee in consultation with university leadership.

Consultation and contact

For questions related to the application procedure and in order to engage with TUM Liaison Offices: 
Dominik Beisser
Phone: +49 89 289 25422
Mail: beisser@zv.tum.de beisser@zv.tum.de

For questions related to the EuroTech Universities Alliance:
Maria-Valerie Schegk
Phone: +32 2 274 05 33 or +32 487 20 08 01
Mail: schegk@zv.tum.de schegk@zv.tum.de

For questions related the Global Alliance of Technological Universities (GlobalTech):
Bettina Burger
Phone: +49 89 289 22569
Mail: burger@zv.tum.de

Image: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

Project selection USA - 2016/2017

University of California, Berkeley

Impact of Global Warming on Urban Scapes

Project Coordination
Prof. Thomas Auer, Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design,
TUM Department of Architecture

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Harrison S. Fraker, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Lattice QCD Collaboration

Project Coordination
Prof. Nora Brambilla, Chair T30f-Theoretical Particle and Nuclear Physics, TUMQCD lattice collaboration
Department of Physics

Cooperation Partner
Peter Petreczky, Department of Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Stanford University

Electricity System Modeling and Energy Return on Investment of New Technologies in California

Project Coordination
Prof. Thomas Hamacher
M.Sc. Kais Siala Dipl.-Ing.
Matthias Huber  
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Sally Benson
Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University


Interfacial Challenges in Solid-State Li Ion Batteries

Project Coordination
Prof. Karsten Reuter, Chair of Theoretical Chemistry,
TUM Department of Chemistry

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Jens Nørskov, SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis, Stanford University


Observer MOOC for Teacher Professional Development

Project Coordination
Prof. Tina Seidel
Sina A. Huber, Dipl.- Univ.
Friedl Schöller-Stiftungslehrstuhl für Unterrichts- und Hochschulforschung,
TUM School of Education  

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Jonathan Osborne School of Education, Stanford University

Medical College of Wisconsin

Do Hippo proteins mediate adaptations to exercise? A zebrafish swim channel study.

Project Coordination
Prof. Henning Wackerhage
Dr. Martin Schönfelder,
Claudia Schindler
Chair of Exercise Biology,
TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Dr Brian Link, Medical College of Wisconsin.
Dr. Bettina Schmid, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

University of California, Los Angeles

Tool Development for Automated Controller Software Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems

Project Coordination
Prof. Majid Zamani
Matthias Rungger
Assistant Professorship of Hybrid Control Systems,
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Cooperation Partner
Professor Paulo Tabuada
UCLA Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles

Project selection Brazil - 2016/17

Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul

Preparation of a third party funded bilateral research proposal

Project Coordination
Prof. Roberto Cudmani
Chair of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling,
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Nilo Cesar Consoli
Department of Civil Engineering, Universidade Federal Do Rio Do Sul


Regional seed provenancing in southern Brazil: Biogeographical and genetic basis, and relevance for plant-animal interactions

Project Coordination
Prof. Johannes Kollmann
Dr. Julia-Maria Hermann
Chair of Restoration Ecology,
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Gerhard Overbeck
Prof. Miguel Dall’Agnol
Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Project selection Egypt - 2016/17

Mansoura University

Translational Neuroscience Summer School

Prof. Günter Höglinger
Dr. Thomas Rösler
Chair of Neurological Clinic and Policlinic,
TUM Department of Medicine

Cooperation Partner
Dr. Mohamed Salama
Mansoura University

Project selection India - 2016/17

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Operationalizing the urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Project Coordination
Prof. Jörg Drewes
Dr. Daphne Keilmann-Gondhalekar
Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering,
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Sudhir Chella Rajan
Prof. Christoph Woiwode
Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

CCAFS South Asia

Establishing a research cooperation with Agricultural and Resource Economists in India/South Asia

Project Coordination
Prof. Johannes Sauer
Sebastian Weber, M.Sc.
Chair of Agricultural Production and Resource Economics,
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Pramod Aggarwal
CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), South Asia

Project selection China - 2016/17

Beijing Institute of Technology & Beihang University

Sino-German Flight Dynamics and Automatic Control Workshop 2016 (FDACW 2016)

Project Coordination
Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Institute of Flight System Dynamics,
TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Shuxing Yang: Vice President and a standing member of the University Council in BIT
Prof. Shengjing Tang Vice Dean Aerospace Engineering Beijing Institute of Technology, Beihang University  

Tsinghua University Beijing

Workshop with Tsinghua University in Beijing in order to prepare new joint research proposals

Project Coordination
Prof. Alois Knoll
Dr. Oliver Schneider
Chair of Robotics and Embedded Systems,
TUM Department of Informatics 

Cooperation Partner
Prof. Xinping Qiu
Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University Beijing