TUM San Francisco: TUM deepens cooperation in Canada with a new Memorandum of Understanding

On May 4, 2021, representatives from TUM and McGill University (Montreal) met online to witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two universities. The MoU embodies the strong spirit of collaboration that already existing between the two institutions across a wide range of research endeavors. The MoU was signed by TUM Senior Vice President Juliane Winkelmann and McGill Provost, Christopher Manfredi.

Picture of TUM Senior Vice President Prof. Juliane Winkelmann and McGill Provost Prof. Christopher Manfredi, Screenshot: TUM San Francisco
TUM Senior Vice President Prof. Juliane Winkelmann and McGill Provost Prof. Christopher Manfredi present the freshly signed MoU

The MoU comes at an auspicious moment, as Germany and Canada prepare to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the German-Canadian Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement. 

This Agreement has given rise to a historic cooperation between the two nations, in which the university sector has been particularly active. The whole world, and not just Germany and Canada, benefits from such alliances. One example of how this is accomplished is a green chemistry project being fostered by nearly 30 world-class chemists and engineers at TUM, McGill, and Technion university in Israel. Their goal is to use fundamental research to discover new methods that will make chemistry cleaner and safer for the world. 

Bavaria and Quebec – two regions strongly linked by a long friendship

“With this Alliance, TUM and McGill will carry forward the rich tradition of Canadian-German research and innovation and will enhance the international reputation of Bavaria and Québec – two regions strongly linked by a long friendship,” said Juliane Winkelmann, Senior Vice President International Alliances and Alumni, Technical University of Munich. “We look forward to many more years of progress as our institutions lead the world in meeting significant global challenges.”

“This is a perfect match not just for McGill, but for relations between Canada and Germany,” said Martha Crago, Vice Principal, Research and Innovation, McGill University. “Both of our nations have long and deep traditions of supporting advanced research, and the combined strengths of our respective institutions will be sure to yield dazzling discoveries in the years to come.”

The TUM-McGill agreement seals another high-profile collaborative partnership in Canada, joining TUM's intensive collaboration with a wide range of Canadian universities, including the Universities of Toronto, Alberta, British Columbia, Waterloo, Calgary and Ottawa. The MoU between TUM and McGill, facilitated by the German-Canadian Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement, is the next step in TUM’s longstanding and fruitful relationship with Canadian academia.

If you have any questions about this or other Canadian cooperation partners, please feel free to contact Jeff Ouimet, TUM San Francisco.