Kicking off TUM Global Week 2021: Prelude sessions of the TUM Global Network

In July, once again, it's time for the annual TUM Global Week! As in the previous year, this year's event will also take place in virtual form. Apart from that, Global Week 2021 brings a lot of changes: The new format offers a lot of diverse events from the different areas of the TUM Global & Alumni Office as well as other TUM units between July 5 and 9, 2021. In this way, TUM Global Week will provide an even more comprehensive overview of international initiatives and topics at TUM. The entire TUM family is cordially invited, as well as friends and partners of TUM who are interested in how internationalization is lived at our university and what opportunities for exchange and international cooperation are offered.

Visual TUM Global Week
TUM Global Week 2021 offers the entire TUM family a highly multifaceted exchange platform on issues of internationalization. Photo: TUM Global

Since 2014, the five TUM liaison officers from Beijing, Brussels, Mumbai, San Francisco, São Paulo, and the TUM Asia team have met every summer for the traditional TUM Global Week at TUM in Munich. As on-site part of the TUM Global Network, they make use of the annual visit to Munich to inform researchers and TUM staff about current trends and developments and to sensitize them to potentials in their regions. For the liaison officers, the focus of Global Week is on personal exchange with the TUM community at the various TUM locations. This year, however, the traditional meeting will also take place in a virtual format.

It starts already from June 8 to 25, 2021 June with a Prelude to TUM Global Week event series, in which you can get to know our liaison officers and the TUM Asia team before TUM Global Week and get a comprehensive picture of their activities and services.

Detailed information on the events as well as registration is available on our TUM Global Week website.

We look forward to your participation!