Stays abroad with TUMexchange via Erasmus+ scholarships

Within the framework of the new Erasmus+ program generation, it is also possible to fund study stays at non-European partner universities. TUM students will thus have the opportunity to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for their stay at one of the eligible TUMexchange partner universities starting with the academic year 2023/24.


There is no separate application process for this funding. Students who have received a place confirmation at one of the eligible partner universities within the framework of the TUMexchange program will receive an Erasmus+ scholarship and will be informed about this by e-mail.

Funding framework

  • Duration: 2 to 12 months
  • Individual support: 700 euros/month

Funding: Green Grants for climate-friendly travel

Environmentally friendly travel using sustainable, low-emission means of transport is promoted in the Erasmus+ program in the form of a Green Travel Grant. The Green Travel Grant includes a one-time payment of 50 euros and, if applicable, the crediting of a maximum of four additional travel days to determine the funded duration of stay. The Erasmus+ Green Travel Grant can be applied for when submitting the Grant Agreement.

With the Erasmus+ Award, we offer an additional reward for environmentally friendly travel to your Erasmus+ destination and back home again. Those who travel in an ecological way can receive an additional lump sum of up to 500 euros. Learn more

Additional funding for students with fewer opportunities

With the Top-up, you will receive 250 euros per month in addition to the scholarship amount during the funded stay. The Top-up can be applied for when submitting the Grant Agreement.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Working students
  • First-time academics
  • Students who go abroad with their child/children
  • Students with chronic illness who have additional financial needs while abroad
  • Students with disabilities. GdB 20 or more

In addition to the Top-up, eligible applicants receive a one-time travel allowance. The amount of this lump sum varies depending on the target country. Students who have successfully requested a top-up when submitting the Grant Agreement will automatically receive the travel allowance with the disbursement of the first scholarship installment.

The real cost coverage is a special funding for students with degree of disability 20 or more, chronic illness as well as for students who start the stay abroad with their child(ren).

This grant serves as financial support to cover the real costs that are additionally incurred abroad due to the respective criterion. Detailed information can be found in the Criteria catalog of the DAAD (PDF, 342 KB, in German only) 

If you wish to apply, please send an e-mail to the Erasmus team of the TUM G&A at least three months before the start of your stay.