One step closer to Cybathlon 2024

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Developing an exoskeleton, a wearable robot, for the lower limb with a team of students and using it to remobilize people with walking disabilities – that is what the TUM DASH student initiative have set out to do. With this exoskeleton, they aim to participate in the ETH Zurich Cybathlon next year. The TUM Global Incentive Fund supports the project.

TUM DASH organized a full-day workshop on exoskeletons at the end of the 2023 summer semester, attended by students from various disciplines. The workshop taught participants a basic knowledge of electronics, CAD, and prototyping. With this knowledge, they can build a bipedal robot that can walk. 

The long-term goal of TUM DASH is to design and build exoskeletons for the lower limbs of paraplegic patients to participate in next year's ETH Zurich Cybathlon. Various TUM bodies, including the ExoskeleTUM project seminar and the TUM Global Incentive Fund, support the team and promote research in medical devices at TUM.

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