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Do you actually know how many global opportunities TUM offers you? With the TUM Global Opportunities newsletter, you will get a lot of new insights behind the scenes of TUM's international engagement starting in September. Stay up to date and sign up now!

Screenshot of the TUM Global Opportunities newsletter
The TUM Global Opportunities newsletter provides exciting insights into the broad international engagement that TUM offers for students, employees, and researchers. Image: TUM G&A

International exchange, funding programs, cooperations: As an institution, TUM is visible and active worldwide and, through its numerous global partnerships and alliances, makes an enormous amount possible for the personal development of its students, employees, and scientists. 

Through the new TUM Global Opportunities newsletter, you can get impressions of these activities and, above all, find out about your own global opportunities. The TUM Global Opportunities will initially be sent out at approximately six- to eight-week intervals.

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