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On this page you can find information about international events, further training offers from universities from all over the world, news on cooperative research projects and more. Also, you always get the latest news from TUM's representatives in Brussels, Mumbai, Beijing, San Francisco and São Paulo.

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TUM Beijing: TUM Weibo most successful channel among German universities in China

Since its launch on May 13, 2013, the number of followers of the TUM channel on the Chinese miniblog service Weibo has grown steadily. In July 2021, the number of followers reached 20,000. This puts TUM Weibo far ahead of other German universities that use Weibo as one of their communication channels in China.

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Welcome Services newsletter for international researchers – August

In August, you can look forward to a particularly colorful range of programs for Munich and the surrounding area: whether joint excursions with the Welcome Services team, TUM events such as the Future of Health Summit, the summer Tollwood, international fresh-air cinema, Science Summer at the Deutsches Museum, or the Munich Summer of Culture - there is something for every preference! And the little ones can have a blast with artistic…

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TUM Global Week 2021 – Experiencing international spirit virtually

Like so much else in this extraordinary year, the exchange on international matters at this year's TUM Global Week between July 5 and 9 took place exclusively in online formats. Despite the European Football Championship and summer approaching, 1,300 members of the TUM family and their international partners chose to take advantage of the wide-ranging Global Week offerings and participated eagerly in the interaction-oriented sessions. …

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TUM Brussels: Educating responsible professionals in Europe – Co-creation on the virtual stage

Education is key in fostering a future generation that can promote the smart, sustainable and socially acceptable use of new technologies. But how well are today’s study programs aligned with the needs of the European job market? On July 7, 2021, TUM and the partners of the EuroTeQ Engineering University hosted a high-profile panel to discuss the potential of future engineering education – and the need for a dialogue across stakeholders. …

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TUM Mumbai Insights: India among the top twelve destinations worldwide for biotechnology

The biotech sector has become a key sector in India. Its potential to contribute to the country's economic growth and to increase the economic prosperity and health awareness of a population of more than one billion people is enormous. With over 2,700 biotech startups and more than 2,500 biotech companies, the country offers a genuinely cutting-edge and entrepreneurial ecosystem

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TUM Brussels Insights: Key enabling technologies – key to enable Europe's future prosperity?

Just a month ago, the European Commission published the world's first legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) to guarantee the fundamental rights of people and businesses while strengthening AI adoption, investment, and innovation across the EU. AI is just one of the key technologies, but the move underscores the many ethical and other issues we face. This is also to ensure that we have the right skills to give Europe a competitive…


Making a global impact: Sustainability event at the TUM Global Week

Mountains of plastic waste on Thailand's beaches, harvest collapses in India due to climate change, inadequate power supply in rural areas of the Global South: Developing countries have a particularly hard time dealing with social problems. As part of the TUM Global Week, on July 8, project-experienced students, alumni, and scientists from TUM will discuss success factors, but also stumbling blocks in the implementation of sustainable…

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Welcome Services newsletter for international researchers – July

July in Munich is all about great and partly free open-air events. Concert events, such as Klassik am Odeonsplatz and Opera for All, as well as film and theater screenings, attract visitors to the outdoors. Add to this our Cultural Program offer – a joint visit to the Partnach Gorge – as well as TUM's big international exchange event: the virtual Global Week 2021. Look forward to a colorful program for July!

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TUM São Paulo meets TUM Learning Festival: How carbon dioxide affects the rainforest

The more carbon dioxide we release into the air, the greater the strain on the earth's green lungs. Particularly challenged here are the tropical rainforests. Researchers at TUM have been taking a closer look at the rainforest in Brazil for eight years in order to learn more about possible changes due to the influence of CO2. The participants of the webinar TUM São Paulo meets TUM Learning Festival on June 9, 2021 got the chance to see what…

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TUM Asia virtual summer school 2021

Lighter aircraft, Industry 4.0, future transportation systems: The pace of new technologies is accelerating - but where will the future take us? TUM Asia's virtual summer school 2021, which will take place from July 26 to August 2, 2021, will focus on precisely these topics and questions.