TUM São Paulo – the liaison office for Latin America

TUM São Paulo's activities build on many years of collaboration with renowned institutions in the region. The focus of the liaison office lies on expanding strategic collaborations with universities, research institutes and industrial partners and tapping into the enormous potential that the continent holds in terms of research and teaching as well as in the start-up sector. Since 2012, the office has been supporting TUM in recruiting young scientists in Latin America and promoting scientific exchange with Latin America.

News and Insights from the TUM São Paulo liaison office

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TUM São Paulo: TUM liaison office and DWIH celebrate 10th anniversary in Brazil

On February 22, 2022, the German Center for Research and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH) celebrated its tenth anniversary. The TUM liaison office is part of the DWIH in São Paulo and started its work at the same…

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TUM São Paulo: Global Dialogue discusses traditional foods as superfoods for the future

The Future of Food was the theme of the Global Dialogue event organized by TUM São Paulo, which rounded off the TUM Global Dialogue Series 2021 on December 9. In the high-profile web event, researchers from the…

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TUM São Paulo: German-Brazilian Digital Education Forum – exemplary exchange on digital learning

Corona has made the topic of digitization in teaching more topical than ever. When, if not now, can the expansion of virtual teaching formats be driven forward with full force? To actively promote these…

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TUM São Paulo: German-Latin American Webinar on AI & human rights – majority in favor of artificial intelligence laws

At the start of the winter semester, the TUM liaison office in São Paulo organized a webinar on artificial intelligence and human rights in Latin America for the first time. German and Latin American scientists…

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TUM São Paulo Insights: Green hydrogen in Latin America – Chile as a pioneer

Hydrogen is a hot topic as an alternative source of propulsion. When it is produced from renewable energy sources, we speak of green hydrogen. Latin America has huge potential here, and Chile in particular is…