TUM x IIT Bombay Research Forum 2022

Since the end of 2020, researchers from TUM and the two Indian Institutes of Technology in Bombay and Kharagpur have been jointly driving forward research in the highly topical fields of climate, environment, energy, mobility and transport as part of the partnership project Exploration. An Indo-German Partnership (IGP).
The TUM x IITB Research Forum 2022 offers especially young researchers a platform to share their new scientific findings with renowned experts, senior research fellows and other colleagues from the three participating institutes TUM, IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur:

Walking Together: Indo-German Dialogue on Common Risks and Shared Pathways to Sustainability

October 31 and November 3 & 4, 2022 on TUM Campus München / online

The TUM x IITB Research Forum in Munich will be hosted by Prof. Miranda Schreurs. The conference will focus on highlighting sustainable solutions in the areas of climate change, water disasters, energy transition, mobility and transportation.
The exchange of valuable knowledge and insights will take place in a hybrid format in English. The presentations will be held at the TUM Campus in Munich and streamed live online. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the IGP team at TUM.

Conference themes


9:45-11:15 CET / 14:15-15:45 IST TUM x IITB Research Forum Opening Lecture: Climate Change, Coastal Transformation and Sustainability: Innovating Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Coastal Zones by Prof. D. Parthasarathy, IITB & Dr. Theresa Jedd, TUM
Venue: Marsstrasse 22, level 6, Auditorium no. 605 and online
11:15-12:30 CET / 15:45-16:30 IST Lunch break
Venue: TUM Think Tank, Richard-Wagner-Straße 1, 80333 München and online
12:30 - 13:00 CET / 17:00-17:30 IST Nexus water research at TUM by Dr. Daphne Keilmann-Gondhalekar, TUM
Venue: TUM Think Tank, Richard-Wagner-Straße 1, 80333 München and online

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Presentations on various aspects of water disasters (floods, droughts, unsustainable irrigation, etc.), how to deal with such disasters, and lessons to be learned from their perspective.

Presentations & Speakers:

9:00-9:30 CET / 13:30-14:00 IST Key note on Transdisciplinary Engagement for Climate Action: Lessons from Localised Approaches to Governance by Prof. N.C. Narayanan, IITB
9:30-10:00 CET / 14:00-14:30 IST Emerging Trends in Drought Policy and Governance by Dr. Theresa Jedd, TUM
10:00-10:10 CET / 14:30-14:40 IST Overview of Possible Collaborative Projects with TUM by Prof. Ramsankaran, IITB
10:10-10:40 CET / 14:40-15:10 IST Sustainable Groundwater Management as Adaptation and Mitigation Tool for Reducing Climate Change Impacts by Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy, IITB
10:40-11:00 CET / 15:10-15:30 IST Coffee break
11:00-11:20 CET / 15:50-16:10 IST Groundwater Overexploitation in India: An Analysis of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Climate Changing Scenario by Prerna Yadav, IITB
11:20-11:40 CET / 16:10-16:30 IST Challenges of Governing 'Ticking Time Bombs': Revisiting the Big Dam Debate in the Era of Climate Change by Ayushi Jain, IITB
11:40-12:00 CET / 16:10-16:30 Q&A
12:00-13:00 CET / 16:30-17:30 IST Lunch break
13:00-13:20 CET / 17:30-17:50 IST Effects of Hydropower Plant Management on Groundwater Table Fluctuations: A Regional-scale Analysis on an Alpine Valley by Mónica Basilio Hazas, TUM
13:20-14:30 CET / 17:50-19:00 IST Q&A and Panel Discussion
14:30-15:00 CET / 19:00-19:30 IST Coffee break
15:00-16:00 CET / 19:30-20:30 IST Winter School Pre-Departure Meet-up by Jayjayanti Basumallik & Praval Sharma

Venue: Senatssaal / Room 1020 (Map), Level 1, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München and online.
Further program details will follow shortly.

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Presentations with a focus on achieving sustainability goals through energy transformation, mobility and transportation solutions. The goal is to report on the various opportunities and emerging sustainable solutions in these areas that are beneficial to India and Germany.

Presentations & Speakers:

9:00-9:15 CET / 13:30-13:45 IST Remarks by Prof. Juliane Winkelmann, TUM Senior Vice President (International Alliances & Alumni)
9:15-9:45 CET / 13:45-14:15 IST Key note on Climate Politics and the Roles of Germany and the EU by Prof. Miranda Schreurs, TUM
9:45-10:15 CET / 14:15-14:45 IST Key note on Electric Vehicle Grid Integration and increased Renewable Energy Utilization in Indian EV Ecosystem by Prof. Zakir Rather, IITB
10:15-10:45 CET / 14:45-15:15 IST Coffee break
10:45-11:15 CET / 15:15-15:45 IST High Capacity Li Ion Batteries with Silicon Nanowires by Prof. Rajiv Dusane, IITB
11:15-11:35 CET / 15:45-16:05 IST Populism as a multi-level challenge for low-carbon energy transition in Europe by Dr. Stefan Cetkovic, TUM
11:35-12:00 CET / 16:05-16:30 ISt Q&A
12:00-13:00 CET / 16:30-17:30 IST Lunch break
13:00-13:20 CET / 17:30-17:50 IST Impact of ICT on Activity Opportunities and Travel Behavior: Evidence from Mumbai by Prof. Arnab Jana, IITB
13:20-13:40 CET / 17:50-18:10 IST Transitions Towards Sustainable Mobility by Dr. Santa Maiti, TUM
13:40-14:00 CET / 18:10-18:30 IST Technology is a Double-edged Sword and so are Emerging Mobility Solutions! by Santhanakrishnan Narayanan, TUM
14:00-14:20 CET / 18:30 -18:50 IST Traffic Simulations and Open Transport Data for Assessment of Environmental Impacts by Vishal Mahajan, TUM
14:20-14:40 CET / 18:50-19:10 IST Q&A
14:40-15:00 CET / 19:10-19:30 IST Coffee break
15:00-15:20 CET / 19:30-19:50 IST Infrastructure vs. Place by Prof. Himanshu Burte, IITB
15:20-16:00 CET / 19:50-20:30 IST Q&A and Panel Discussion

Venue: Senatssaal / Room 1020 (Map), Level 1, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München and online.
Program details will follow shortly.

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