Flagship partnership with Imperial College London

In late 2018, Imperial College London (ICL) and Technical University Munich (TUM) entered into a sustainable strategic partnership based on their longstanding collaboration. ICL is considered one of the best technical universities in Europe, and is engaged in manifold research collaborations with TUM. With the flagship partnership, both institutions reconfirm their commitment to international collaboration across borders.

Partnership highlights

In 2017, TUM and ICL jointly organize for the first time a joint summer program for doctoral candidates, focusing on an interdisciplinary topic of the future. The program is open to participants from additional selected universities. The program week “Cities of the Future“ marks the kick-off for the annual ICL – TUM Global-Fellows-Program.

On October 5, 2018 in London, TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann signs the Memorandum of Understanding, to further deepen the collaboration between TUM and ICL. The cooperation will not only further enhance complementary strengths in high tech fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Aerospace, but will also promote activities in transversal institutional topics like appointments, recruitment and career development, and entrepreneurship.

In the beginning of 2019, ICL President Alice Gast visits TUM, accompanied by a large academic delegation. More than a dozen academics from Imperial College discuss with their TUM counterparts future joint projects in Digital Medicine, Bioengineering and Energy Technology, and more. Bavarian State Minister Sibler emphasizes the relevance of this partnership through his attendance.

As of January 2019, academics from TUM may submit applications to the TUM Global Incentive Fund for joint projects with Imperial College London. For example, the kick-off workshops for future joint research projects are eligible for funding.

On June 17 and 18, 2019, TUM President-elect Professor Thomas Hofmann visits Imperial College London. On this occasion, TUM and ICL announce the launch of a joint PhD program at the interface of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care and Robotics. The program will further enhance collaboration in this promising research filed, and lay the base for even more joint research projects. In the context of the visit, Professor Hofmann also engages in a discussion round at the Goethe-Institut London on "Science, Diplomacy and our European Future" .

The departments of Mathematics at Imperial College and at TUM established a joint platform to intensify collaboration within the Flagship Partnership on all levels. The platform offers support to intensify exchange and to build up joint research projects as well as funding opportunities.



In 2020 JADS started, an interdisciplinary ICL – TUM program for joint doctoral supervision. Every year, a cutting-edge research topic is identified for a cohort of up to six projects with one ICL and one TUM PhD candidate each. The funding period for each cohort is four years. The topic for the 2020 cohort is AI – Robotics – Healthcare.


Imperial College London and TUM brought academics and startups together to explore ways to create innovative communities.
At the virtual event “Towards a London-Munich innovation network: Universities as drivers of European R&D ecosystems”, University leaders from Imperial and TUM joined research start-ups to discuss how campuses can bring together scientists, business and industry, and communities in a way that helps addressing local and global challenges.
The discussion was based on a presentation of Imperial's White City Campus, which


ICL and TUM have set up a new seed fund to promote joint virtual teaching formats, the "ICL - TUM Education Fund". Academics from ICL and TUM are encouraged to apply for funding of up to 10,000 € for the joint development of virtual teaching formats. The objective is to make virtual experimental learning experiences possible that cannot be accomplished by traditional teaching formats. More information can be found in the call for proposals as well as in the application form.


Selection of joint projects of TUM and ICL

Seed funds

Both TUM and Imperial College are committed to supporting initiatives for joint projects. To achieve this goal, both universities offer financial incentives to their members through the TUM Global Incentive Fund and the ICL–TUM Collaboration Fund.

Summer program for PhDs

TUM and ICL offer the interdisciplinary Global-Fellows-Program “Cities of the Future“ for outstanding doctoral candidates. It combines activities fostering intercultural and personal competencies as well as professional development.