The world in pictures: The most beautiful moments of your stays abroad

Our students and employees inspire us again and again with impressive moments that they captured on camera during their stay abroad. Join in the fun, too, and send us your favorite pictures of study- or work-related staycations. All students and employees of TUM can participate, of course also all international guest students and visiting scientists as well as TUM alumni.

Possible subjects

Your possibilities are in principle unlimited. A good example would be a special moment which enriched your stay abroad in a profound way. Maybe you met some inspiring people or encountered an eye-opening scene or situation. Our aim is to show as many facets of academic stays abroad as possible. Therefore, it would be particularly desirable if your picture was connected to your area of studies, e.g.:

  • Biodiversity and Land Tenure      
  • Cultural Heritage and History
  • Innovative Energy Supply and Infrastructure Projects
  • Urban and Rural Mobility
  • Mechatronics, Information Technology, and Robotics
  • Sports and Health
  • City Planning and Landscape Architecture

Submission / Contact

Send your photos to the contact person of your exchange program.

Technical requirements

  • Landscape format
  • Resolution of 300dpi
  • Preferably jpg or tif

Photo descriptions and legal basis

Please submit a suitable picture title and a picture description of about 1 to 3 sentences for each of your photos.

Please note the Legal Regulations (PDF, 71 KB) for submitting photos to the TUM Global & Alumni Office.